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great site for ielts

It is true that our society will become older than the previous generation because of the low birth rate in a couple of countries. There are some advantages and disadvantages. I strongly believe that there seem to be more drawbacks than merits.

When it comes to advantages, it is a common belief that there are more jobs for young people since old people retired. Due to the retirement of elderly people, the occupation will be spacious. For example, Japan has become more vocation since the baby boom generation has retired. In addition, there tend to be transformed from urban area to rural area. This is because retirement people want to live in a suburban area instead of living a busy city. Our city will be relaxed. In fact, 2 years ago, my parents moved too far away from the city after retiring they want to relax and enjoy their life without complication.

However, I firmly insist that there are some the disadvantages. First of all, it can be less pension. In other words, there are a few young people to be imposed on tax. For instance, according to the study by Korea University, it showed that less 5% of people who can pay tax less 15% of people who can be provided a pension from the government. Our society already are worried about these issues. Secondly, the medical budget can be emptied. Since old people have become more, they need medical services more and more. To elaborate, through the statistics of our Health Ministry in Korea. The findings are proven it is true that over 65 years old people who have spent on 70% of health funds.

To sum up, although there are some the merits for our society such as more vacation and transformation of population, I certainly believe that there are more demerits regarding reduced pension and medical budget.

First of all, thanks Simon for the valuable materials and instruction that you provide for our success.

Yesterday I had speaking exam and part 2 question was:
Describe the latest talk or lecture that you listened.
you should describe:
what the subject was
who was the person
and also explain why it was important for.
(sth like this)


Anyone had taken exam in April Please share your exam questions. Thanks

Excuse me, I have one question, the second question below uses the singular word "is", does this suggest that I should give one function of newspaper in my third paragraph?

【2 Part question essay】newspaper

Most people think that the truth should be objective rather than subjective when it comes to the news.
Do you think all news is true?
What is the function of a newspaper?

Hi everyone, I had an exam on May 4th in London

1. Renewable energy sources
2. Whales culture
3.lie detection


Task 1. Bar chart about internet usage in the uk in 2013 by men and women
Task 2. Increase in fuel prices is the best way to control environmental problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree


Part 1: place where you live
Part 2: describe a birthday party
Part3: festivals and their significance

Please do pray for me I’m expecting 7 in each.thanks

Hi everyone, I had an exam on 27th Aprilmin Bangkok
Reading : Antarctic and global warming
New museum in Australia
Behavioral theory

Task 1 : bar chart about renewable energy use in Europe
Task2 : planning for future life or living with today, agree or disagree

HI everyone ,

I had my exam on 11th of May in Mongolia .And following topics came for each part

History of Guitar
Agriculture environment

Task 1: Line graph about car ownerships in Uk from 2005 till 2015
Task 2: Some businesses observe that new employees who just graduated from a college or university seem to lack interpersonal skills needed for communication with their colleagues. What could be the reason for this? What solutions can help address this problem?


Describe a time when you had to change your plan
- what was your plan
-why did you change it
- what did you change

Could someone please share a group link of people who will sit on IELTS exam on 23rd of May (Thursday)?

please share ielts general writing task 1 and 2 topics
exam 23rd may

23rd May India

Sec 1: part time job - note completion
Sec 2: long walking - recount of a man who went on long walks at different locations - mcq, matching
Sec 3: Micki and Jamie discussing with their professor how their internship at journalism firm went - matching, mcq
Sec 4: Library survey on reading activities conducted - note completion

Sec 1 - part 1 - Attractions in Midwest 5 different tour/ticket descriptions - matching information
Part 2- Making your own house hold cleaner with natural ingriedients (Fill in the blanks)
Sec 2 - Part 1 choosing the right ergonomic chair (Note completion)
Part 2- Pre-requisities for non-national workers (Fill in the blanks)
Section 3 - Straw Bear Festival in England (TFNG, YNNG, Matching information)

1. A company has asked your local council to open a factory in the area where you live. You and your neighbors feel that this is not a great idea. write a letter to the local council
- state why it is not a great idea
- mention how it will affect you and others
- what you want the local council to do
2. A lot of social problems can these days be related to teenagers. Some feel that this is because parents are not able to spend enough time and take care of their teenage child. Do you agree or disagree?

Hi all,
My Academic Writing Task 2 question on May 18th:

We are living in "thrown out world", where most of the items are use and throw. What do you think would be the reasons of the case and what could be the impact of the situation in the future.

Okay !! Below are the questions of IELTS Academic for students of June 13, Nepal.

Speaking Part 1:
Job or Study
Reading Books

Speaking Part 2:
Talk about an unusual vacation you had.
When and where you did it?
Who you did it with?
What did you do?
and explain why you think it was unusual.

Speaking Part 3:
Questions about Tourism and eco-tourism,like: How often people in your country travel?
What are famous tourist destinations of your country?
Why that (the most famous one told) is so popular.
Has travel habits changed over time?
How environment is affected by tourism?
What can be done to improve this (negative impacts I have told)
Can we fine tourist if not obeying these measures (I had mentioned that tourist should be aware that they should not litter and throw water bottles, chocolate wrappers or tin cans of energy drink).

Part 1 (phone call about booking holiday courses in tour)
and Map of certain site
Part 3: Some Products and description
Research Topic
Part 4: Survey about child safety resulting use of cars and heath problems in children

Passage 1: History of Plastic
Passage 2: Use of alternative source for bio-gas to reduce air pollution while cooking
Part 3: Excavation and archeological researches of Tigris City.

Task 1: Mapss of farm that turned into holiday site (1980 vs 1990).
Task 2: In recent years, the number of visitors of art galleries are decreasing steadily.
What are the reasons for this trend?
What can be done to improve the number of visitors.

Thank you a lot Simon for your blog. Task 2 question was somehow out of the box for me as I have no idea about art (probably I can be one reason for decreasing number of visitors :D :P ). I had prepared very well by referring your blog and I am sure I did excellent in task 1, but in Task 2, I later found that I could use better worlds, but I was out of time to correct them. For example, I had written: The arts, mainly paintings, are that piece of creative work which we can not distribute at once around the globe, unlike those movies and songs. I could write this in far better way like: replication of art and distribution is not possible like making copies of songs and movies as we have to sacrifice the originality. So I feel everything went well except Writing Task 2. Let's hope for the best.

For other candidates, there are other questions as well for speaking part 2.
1. Most Handsome or Beautiful person you have met in person
2. The moment when a child made you laugh (as this can be challenging as we may lack story long enough to say for 2 minutes.)

But most importantly, follow the samples and try to learn structures in writing and topic vocabs for speaking. For example:
Why do people go for vacation?
Ans: escape from the crowds, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, or to forget about work for a while.
I have borrowed all these topic words from PARK Topic Speaking part 1 of this blog.

Thanks a lot for sharing @Bishal

@bishal will u please share me the essay u have practiced or the materials u have use in practice coz i dnt have any idea over it someone help me out

@Sarmila: I've followed Simon's completely. Of course within period of 1 month, it's harder for us to improve our English level. When we sit on exam and start to write, we goes completely blank and write in our old style. So, rather than learning essays by heart, try to learn the structures and specially in part 1, the comparision.

P.S: If you are from Nepal (as your name seems), I can share my notes. (Sadly neither we edit or delete these comments nor haring details is a good idea)

Some parents believe that entertainment books are a waste of time for children, they should only read school books.

What do you think of this opinion?

Dear Simon,

I wrote my IELTS on the 29th of June and I scored 8.5 in the speaking and listening, 7.5 in the reading, and 6.5 for the writing. However, to achieve my goal, I need a band 7.5 or higher for my writing. How can I get access to a one-on-one tutorial with you? My next exam is scheduled for 27th of July. I already purchased a copy of your idea booklet, but I really need all the assistance to accomplish my goal.


Ekene (Kenny)

Hi, many thanks for ur unique instructions you are the one who guaranteed my score simon, tbh I had no idea about ielts, but after watching ur lessons I was completely enlightened, can't thank you enough
L:9, s:7.5, w:6.5, r:7
Speaking: part 2: water sport which u want to learn, part 3: about values of water in the past, present and the future
Writing: task 1: line charts, there were 5 lines, task 2: people who live in remote areas can't access urban universities, do u think universities should especially make it possible for these people to access universities (sorry I kinda forget the introduction, but the whole point is mentioned)
Again thank you simon

Hello.. Is there anyone who have given GT IELTS LRW paper on today.. Then pls share details.

I took my GT test for the first time on July 27, 2019. Questions were much simpler than I expected. Writing Task 1 - "You have a spare room in your apartment that you want to rent to a student from a local college. Write a letter to the college administration. You should describe the room, say where your apartment is located and suggest the type of person you'd like to have as a neighbor." Task 2 - "It's expected that the development of science will lead to increased life expectancy up to 100 of even 200 years in the nearest future. Some people think that would be great, while others believe there are more drawbacks than benefits. Discuss both views and give your opinion."
The speaking part was about social media, sorting information on the web, reliable sources of information, etc.

31 July


Have you been to a street market
How is street market better than retail stores.

cue card:
What is the recent game show that you have watched?
Who are the participants?
How does the game work?

Task 1:
Pictorial comparing old association building layout compared to new one.

Task 2:
Some feel International news should be taught during secondary school, while others say it is a waste of valuable time. Discuss.

27 July

Task 1: Pie (classified people by which language they speak) + Line (unemployment rate)

Task 2: quality of life is not as well as before in the big cities

part 1:
where are you live
do you like to live there, why

part 2:
intelligent people

part 3:
super-intelligent people


Thank you, Simon, for providing this useful platform. Appreciate!

hello Simon i need to sit my ielts academic in 20 days for ukvi could you please help me with the online assistance ...
Ritu David

@ General Writing task 1 as ARTUR raised on Saturday, 03-August.
@ Simon, could you please help score?

You have a spare room in your flat or apartment and you want to rent it to a student. Write a letter to the director of the accommodation office at the local college. In your letter:
-Explain where your apartment is
-Describe the room
-What kind of person would you like to rent it to.
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing to regarding leasing my spare apartment room located in Rose park area where is near the college. Students definitely find it convenient for their accommodation and commute on a daily basis.
The address of the apartment is 23 King street belongs to Rose park area. It’s a kind of a noisy and fast-paced area because of being surrounded by bus stations, coffee houses, and shopping malls, but in exchange, all of the amenity services would just be within walking distance of it.
The leasing bedsit room is 40-meter square, with fully furnished, including one bed with a new mattress, a set of equipment serving your study. Besides that, there is a small area for you to manifest the ability of cooking. Although there is no toilet in the room, you could use the one outside that is almost available all the time because I have my private bathroom and rarely touch it. A window with see-through curtains is a plus point for the person who loves sunlight and well ventilation. You will have your own key and free access at any time as long as without making a loud noise.
I am kind of extroverted person so I would like to welcome a person who is open-minded, honest, and sociable. One more thing I’d like to emphasize that I do not prefer a person who invites friends for late-night parties as it would disturb me.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,

Today i done my speaking .
Part 1 - about pets
Home town
Part 2
Describe a thing which u teach to young people .
Part 3 fallowing qustion about part 2

But she stops me when speaking cue card ..what to do now should book one more time ..?

I took exam in qatar

Hi Simon,
thank you very much for all materials and lessons provided here, they helped me a lot to achieve my band score! I got 9.0 for listening and reading, and 7.0 for writing and speaking on my first try ^^

Task 1 - table about volunteers in different sections (6x6 table)
Task 2 - adult education

Part 1 - home, math, street market
Part 2 - describe about a person who encouraged you
Part 3 - motivation, encouragement

Dear Shella,

Could you please give more detail for Writing task 2 and the date you take an exam?


Hi Ben,
For writing task 2, it was stated that most countries prioritize children's education, but some people believe adult should be educated too. To what extent do you agree with this view?
I don't remember the exact question, but that is the point.
Sorry, I forgot to mention the date, I took the test on 9 August.

Dear Shella,

Thanks for your prompt answer.
This writing task 2, in my opinion, is somewhat tough in terms of ideas. However, I will try to practice.
Many thanks

Writing task 2 - Date 10-08-2019
Some people think that zoos are cruel and should be closed down. Others, however, believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Please comment your essay accordingly.

Great scores Shella. Congratulations!

24 August 2019
Task 2
In countries where there is high unemployment, most pupils should be offered only primary education. There is no point in offering secondary education to those who will have no hope of finding a job. To what extent do you agree or disagree?8

What is the preferable appriach for this task?

Thank you Simon. Got 7 in writing. Followed all your task 1 and 2 posts. Ebook was extremely helpful. Exam was on August 17th, in Dhaka. Task 2 question was sort of this- prisoners should receive education in prison, so they can earn a job while back in the society. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
Task1 was a table with percentages of water usage in 6 different countries in agriculture, domestic and industry in 2000.

I complted speaking exam today ..i have doubt that iam not complyed all question cue card and examinor interapted . ..more over she does not asked question in same voice ..some at some words pronounces loudly whereas some other with minimal voice is it problem..?
Can complient..?

Can anyone share listening and reading exam answers of 7 September test?

Shella, could you please tell the appropriate technique for listening and reading to score 9 band.

Hello Simon,

Could you please tell me what more improvements do I need to do with my writing? Here is my essay.

"More and more people in developing countries are purchasing cars for the
first time.
What problems does this cause?
What do you think are some possible solutions?"

In third world countries, an increase has been noticed in the number of first-time car buyers. The biggest issue this can lead to is having more traffic incidents because of novice drivers, and the most viable solution can be to implement strict driving laws for the first-timers.

The biggest problem that occurs due to people buying and driving cars for the first time is the inevitable increase in car accidents. In some developing nations, adolescents who have little or no prior driving experience can buy cars using their parents’ money and can drive without any license. Consequently, these individuals who are oblivious to traffic rules, surpass speed limits and get into accidents more frequently than others, therefore, putting their own and others’ lives at risk. For example, the Dawn News reported that, in Pakistan, the recorded rate of car accidents by first-time drivers was 20 per day as compared to 2 per day by experienced drivers.

The most sensible solution to this issue is to draft and implement strict driving laws for new drivers. Laws should be drafted for beginners where they should not only acquire documented training before buying a car but also should have regular checks in order to update their training and to revalidate their driving license. These strict measures will ensure that the drivers are skilled and safe enough to drive independently. For instance, in Bangladesh, a traffic law was passed which required first-time drivers to renew their driving license every year for the first 5 years, and this step resulted in a 40% decrease in road traffic accidents.

To conclude, as the number of inexperienced car owners increase the most problematic result is the rise in the traffic hazards and the most promising solution to this is to draft and implement strict driving laws for beginners.

Hello Simon,

Could you please tell me what more improvements do I need to do with my writing? Here is my essay.

"Social media is becoming an increasingly large part of people’s lives. What are the effects of the trend? Do you believe this is a positive or negative trend for society?"

There is a drastic change in each and every field due to rapid advancement in technology due to which the pace of life has increased in most of the family nowadays and one of the most famous technology is social media which entice almost all age people towards it. This has various effects on the living life of citizens and also has benefits and drawbacks and both are discussed further.

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