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great site for ielts

It is true that our society will become older than the previous generation because of the low birth rate in a couple of countries. There are some advantages and disadvantages. I strongly believe that there seem to be more drawbacks than merits.

When it comes to advantages, it is a common belief that there are more jobs for young people since old people retired. Due to the retirement of elderly people, the occupation will be spacious. For example, Japan has become more vocation since the baby boom generation has retired. In addition, there tend to be transformed from urban area to rural area. This is because retirement people want to live in a suburban area instead of living a busy city. Our city will be relaxed. In fact, 2 years ago, my parents moved too far away from the city after retiring they want to relax and enjoy their life without complication.

However, I firmly insist that there are some the disadvantages. First of all, it can be less pension. In other words, there are a few young people to be imposed on tax. For instance, according to the study by Korea University, it showed that less 5% of people who can pay tax less 15% of people who can be provided a pension from the government. Our society already are worried about these issues. Secondly, the medical budget can be emptied. Since old people have become more, they need medical services more and more. To elaborate, through the statistics of our Health Ministry in Korea. The findings are proven it is true that over 65 years old people who have spent on 70% of health funds.

To sum up, although there are some the merits for our society such as more vacation and transformation of population, I certainly believe that there are more demerits regarding reduced pension and medical budget.

First of all, thanks Simon for the valuable materials and instruction that you provide for our success.

Yesterday I had speaking exam and part 2 question was:
Describe the latest talk or lecture that you listened.
you should describe:
what the subject was
who was the person
and also explain why it was important for.
(sth like this)


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