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listning was easy but i m confuse in some spelling like mould and mold which one is right!! Can any one tell me ?

amrita, answers is not in order. I just wrote what I could remember, and yes there was a museum! Conserning mould, I am not sure whether american spelling of word is accepted as right. Maybe Simon could clarify on that point. All the best!

american words may be correct or not in ielts listing

can anyone tell me ?

sory i m using this site frst tym so i did not know about that now i know and yes i know more answers like smoke and yes confidence is ryt or confident bcoz i m not sure what was the question

and yes 3rd one answer is Fifth

listening ans are very helpful ..can you please post more ans listening and reading as well

It would be hewlpful for all of us :)

I want answers

I want answers 24 may 2018

Please share if anybody has the ans key of reading and litening of 24th may 2018

Just passed my speaking exam in Baku, Azerbaijan, it was about public transport


Please add me 9041887324

Please you can tell me, in exam same topics available in India?

Some advocate that tenured employees should be prioritized to promotions. However, others, on the other hand, believe that priority is to be given to more skilled and qualified workers. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

hello my name is daven i will be very happy if some one can help me with the questions of 27 april qatar

omg I have general test on june 29th, and I haven't study at all XD
Is it hard to get overall score 4.5?

Can u tell me answers of reading test on 7 june

Hi everyone. Who take Ielts on 23 of june? Please send me an email

Hi guys, I am new to this. is there any possibility to get same questions in different time zones/?

Pls guys help me

Hi. Is there any Candidate who take IELTS ON 2 of june?
Please send me an email before sit at exam ( )

Academic IELTS

Describe the place what you are currently living at?
What kind of music do you listen?
Do you listen to music when you are studying or working?
Do people listen to the same music that people used to listen in the past?
Do you think music will change in the future?

Describe an important event that you celebrated,
Who you celebrated with,
In which place did you celebrate,
Describe why it was an important event.

Why do people celebrate events?
What kind of event do you celebrate?
Is it important to have a large number of people at an event?
Why people invite large numbers of people to weddings?
How could be ensured an event is successful.
Are international events positive for countries?
What are negative aspects of international events in countries?
What could put in danger countries holding an international event?

Anyone take the test in nyc, usa? How are the examiners for the speaking section? How is the scoring? Can people share their writing and speaking section qs?

Hi everyone. Is there anybody who take an IELTS exam on June 23? Please send me an email to

@Jennifer HI. when is your Exam?

Thank you Simon for helping us with the precious guides and tips. Your website was very helpful to me.
I took the exam today (23/06/2018) and want to share the task 2 topic with you.

Some people believe zoos are cruel and should be closed. Others think they are important for conserving rare animals.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

HHi everyone. Is there anybody who take an IELTS exam on June 30?? Please send me an email to

Please, give me the writing academic topics for ilets which was in 23 June 2018?Australia or new Zealand.

Hello Sepide, could you give me the topic for task 1? And where did you take your test?

Hi Aena
did you book an exam?

Yes I did , but I want question

Please send me an email

Hello guys ,I have Ielts academic exam on 30th June in China ,because of different time zone maybe somewhere paper will be already attempted so if anyone do that please give the details , I will be very thankful

I have speaking exam on 28th of June and WRL on 30th of June ,can anybody give me some tips please .my email is

I have ielts General July 7, I am in Nigeria. Because of time difference, I believe some people will write before us here. Please post writing questions as soon as you write thank you

I just finished my Ielts speaking exam ,,,examiner asked me about holidays in 1st part ....2nd part difference created by 1st phone in your life and 3rd part was about technology ,best of luck to all of you

@ADEEL, please where is your location? thanks and best of luck in your exam

For those that wrote their exam on june 30th, what was the writing task2 and the exam generally?


IDP : task 1 was about a layout of a bookstore as it was in 2000 and its current plan
Task 2 : young people know more about international pop and movie star than their local famous people in their history.
Why is it?
How can solve this....


at M, is this academic ?

I have exam on 7 of July in Sri Lanka, anybody is there who can offer me help

Hi , gonna have the exam on 7th of July in Turkey in British Council, any ideas about last week speaking and writing topics?

hi) i have Ielts General July, 7 in Belarus.
Speaking part on 6th of July.

I am also sitting the test on July 7th in Canada. You are gonna take your tests before me guys. Please share the topics you got as soon as you finish your tests. Thanks in advance.

Im sitting in the test on july 21st in Amritsar .some of u gonna take your tests before me. So kindly share the topics of reading as well as writing.
Instagram - kanav0_0

I sat for the IELTS speaking exam on 5th July in Sri Lanka. Below are the questions I had.

– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you live in a house or an apartment?
– What is your favorite room? Why?
– Would you like to buy a house in the future?

Cue Card

Describe a competition that you would like to participate in. Please say

– What competition is it?
– Where and when would it take place?
– Why would you like to be in it?


– What preparation would you need to do for the competition?
– Why do people like to participate in competitions?
– What are the other competitions you know?
– Who is the importance of television for competitions?
– In what professions do you see more competition? Why?
– Do you think competition in work places is good?
– Do people learn from competition?

Hi I had the speaking test today, 06th of July.

part 1: do you use dictionary? which one you prefer digital or traditional dic? handwriting or typing?why? use more in the past?
what time do you prefer to study in a day? why?

part 2;
an important river in your country
part3 : some hard questions about oceans and rivers, cannot remember the exact questions
good luck

please share your writing/speaking/ reading answers if already done the exam on the 07 of july.

Any writing/speaking/reading questions of today's General test?

07.07.2018 General Module.
Below are what I can remember
Part 1 - Surf club
Part 2 - Albert farm (multichoice + map)
Part 3 - New Zealand native rock paintings (multichoice)
Part 4 - something about plants (write one word)
- the last part was hard for me - about flavour, how to define it
Task 1 - your friend is seeking a job. You know a suitable vacancy. Write to him/her, describe the job, what responsibilities, write why you think it would be good for him
Task 2 - some people think that it is better for children to attend nursing schools (before primary school), others think that children should spend their time with their parents. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Send me reading /writing /speaking in punjab moga please send me

Sorry 23rd june exam topics please


Hi, I am attending general exam on 28th july 2018. please help

Who has taken an IELTS exam this month?My exam is on the 19th.What were the questions for speaking and writing?Please tell me.Thanks

The Exam was held in 7th of July in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I took General Training.

Questions about writing and Speaking are as follows:


Write a letter to your friend about a job offer you have for him.

- Describe the Job
- What are the facilities
- Why this job is suitable for him


Some people think that children would benefit if they attend nursery school before primary school while some people think that children should stay all day with their families.
Discuss both the views and give your opinion.


- What is your name?
- Where are you from?
– What do you do?
– Do you live in a house or an apartment?
– What is your favourite room? Why?
– Would you like to buy a house in the future?
- Do you like cities? Why?
- What type of computer games are popular in your country? Why?
- Why are computer games becoming more popular?

Cue Card

Describe a comic character whom you like from your country. Please say

– Who is he/she?
– How do you know him/her?
– Why do you like him/her?


– Do you know any comedian other than your country?
– Why do you think some actors/artists are popular?
– Is it justifiable to pay an actor a high amount?
– Doctors have to do more hard work than an actor.
So is it justifiable to pay actor more than doctors?
– Some younger people try to copy celebrities. Why do they do that?
– How men and women in your country like to have fun?

Speaking test 9th July ,India

Part 1

About work environment
Do you prefer working indoor or outdoor,why ?
Do you like to go out with family?

Cue card
A sportsperson who inspired you
Why do you like him?
What did he do?
How is he an inspiration to all?

Part 3

How can sport influence a country?
What can govt do to improve sports sector?
Do you think modern technology have something to do with sports?

This is all I can remember of my speaking test

Academic 7th July , India

Part 1
A bar graph explained the percentage of people participated in different events.

Part 2
At present,work life is changing for all and it has become a necessity that all will have to change their work anytime during their life. What are the causes? What are the possible solution to overcome this?

I will take academic Ielts 1 hour later, then i will share writing task2 topic here as soon as possible.

Task 2 topic : some Psychologists advise that the best way for people to overcome the stresses is to spend a time doing nothing
Agree or disagree

Anyone remembers reading passages or answers of it 21st july 2018?

hello guys my exam is on 7th sept 2018 idp in india i need help my exam is GT ....

Helo my exam is on 18 august 2018 plzz need to help is academic idp

hello my exam on aug 2nd please help

My exam date on 11 august on idp plzz help on writing

Hey friends my exam is on 28 july
Please help me in writing tasks

Please report the questions quickly after your test to this site.

Or you can email it to me at

Anyone from australia
I need you to share your exam question.
Help me please
I regularly check this web
So you can post it here or email it to me at

Anyone from australia
I need you to share your exam question(28 july 2018).
Help me please
I regularly check this web
So you can post it here or email it to me at

Hi Steve,

when is ur speaing test....pz share

Hello jim

My LRW is on 28 july
And speaking is on 1st of august

please post writing questions Steve

my exam date is 28 july, please share writing answers here

Tomorrow is my exam LWR
Please post writing tasks as soon as possible
Atleast you could save my dreams.

Plzzz post writing topic

Help me

please post today's writing exam question

Writing task 2

Some people think modern technology encourages more social behaviour, others believe it has made people less

discuss both views and give your

writing task 1

Write a letter to local council, to not to pull down a historic building

Is there anyone from saudi arabia
who has exam on 18 Aug GT.
plz reply on

Can anyone tell me the answers of reading and listening of academic 28 july exam

Aug 2nd exam writing test questions

Email me , writing, August 2 , canada


Help please, writhing

Ser my exam on 11th August 2017 I want to improve task 2 writing how can I improve it

My exam date is 18 august plzz share writting anwers here

18th Aug writing tasks 😭

Any answers for 18th Aug

Can any one tell me answers of reading nd listening acedemic 18 aug

Fruit job recruitment
Central,19, August,Coast, Bananas,hour,back,truck, insurance,town

Is that Listening: academic module?!

General 18, Aug (Canada)

1. requesting information and purchasing BBQ (gas, coal, gas and goal) (one word)
2. oil exploration. there is a bell curve, you need to match to the different stages (matching and choice)
3. volunteer briefing (choice)
4. a woman talking about food safety (two words I think)

1. 8 ads on kindergartens (T/F/N)
2. improve working efficiency
3. training programs
4. skinks in NZ (summary of the paragraph and T/F/N)

1. letter to a hotel
2. competitive sports, for some they bring people and nation together; others believe causing more problems. discuss both sides and your opinion


what's your full name?
where are you from?
how do you make friends with your colleagues at work?
mobile phone apps?

cue card:
a good photo of you. where it's taken?
what were you doing? who took it?

After discussion:
do you like to take photos?
is it worth it to hire a professional photographer for an event?
which app is popular in your country and why?

Overall, the listening felt ok, no strange accent. very neutral. I felt the free practice tests provided by IELTS was harder.
reading materials were very easy. I am a bit suspicious about that. Maybe there are some tricky questions I didn't recognize?

speaking was very short. many times I was signaled to stop although I had not been able to explain the main point.

Speaking Test- Aug 02, 2018 (Karachi)

Part 1:
1. Tell me about the place where you live?
2. Why do you like it?
3. Do you like music?
4. What kind of music do you like?
5. Is there any type of music you don't like?
6. How often do you listen to music?
7. Have you ever been to a concert?
8. Have you ever tried to learn any instrument?

Part 2:
Any hand made gift that you gave to someone.
How did you make it?
How your friend felt about the gift?

Part 3:
Some discussion about whether boys are more creative than girls are not? And if schools should encourage creative activities.

Does someone knows the questions of academic IELTS on September 8, 2018?


HI all,

I am wondering is it true that too many words would hurt my score?

How many words would be best then?


I am preparing myself for academic EILTS which I have to take till the latest date December. Unfortunately, I do not have so much practices and knowledges about the exam , but luckily i've found this website and it seems very helpfull and benefical. If anyone interested to do some speaking practice via skype or share tips exchange and so on. I would be very glad with that, Feel free to contact me by e-mail,

greetings from Turkey,

India(bathinda) Exam date 15/09/2018
Task 1- The graphs show the average hours of daily sunshine and temperature throughout the year in two cities of Australi.
Task 2- Government is spending enormous amount of money on old buildings in big towns.Government will get more benefit if that money will be spent on new housing and road development. Do you agree or disagree with the statement.
First passage-neem used as a organic fertiliser
Second passage-unknown
Third passage - unknown

ielts topic ideas

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