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Thursday, January 09, 2020


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It is also considerable that engineered goods had a 8.5% increase and created an income over $60 billion in 2016, while agricultural products had a slight increment about 0.81% between 2015 and 2016.



"It is considerable that" is a phrase which is no longer in modern usage, apparently having died out in publications in the early nineteenth century.

-> an 8.5%


-> an increment of about 0.81%

Export earnings from petroleum products rose from around $61 billion in 2015 to $63 billion in 2016, which was an increase of 3%.

I am sorry but I am confused about this sentence...
I think that the earnings should be 'to $64 billion'? because the earnings rose by 3%? or is it ok to be the number($63) because of 'around'?

Thank you for reading my comment :)

Hi Jin,

3% is not the same as $3 billion.

I think you are thinking about billions instead of the percentage. Do you see what I mean?

Hello sir,
My question is about writing task 1. Sometimes , there is just one bar chart with not much details. In this case how to expand answer to reach the required words count. ?

The two graphs present information about the changes that occurred in a country's export earning, betwwen2015 and 2016, calculated by the total money income and by percentage variations for 5 types of goods.

It is noticeable that as a whole the export revenues over a one- year old period increased. In detail, in 4 categories, namely Petroleum, Engineered Goods, Agriculture and Textile a positive trend was observed.

The difference, however, was no striking for Petroleum and Agriculture products with only 3% and 0.81% growth, with only 2 billion and 1 billion more money earned, from 60 to 62 billion and from 30 to 31 billion respectively.
Engineered goods and Textiles provides more inconme for the country with more significant differences. In total money calculation, this was an increase by 6 billion, from 56 to 62 and from 26 to32 respectively for both the above-mentioned categories. But the level of changes is more clearly by ratio where the earning from textiles reached the highest level, with a 15.24% gain, in comparison to other categories including engineering goods with also a high 8.5% increase.

Finally, only, for one in five, namely jewellery, a slight fall in earnings was detected, by 2 billion, from 42 to 40, with by ratio a 5.18 decline

From 2015 to 2016, there was a 15.24% increase in export revenue from textiles, with earnings rising from roughly $25 billion to over $30 billion.
Can I ask why we write (with earning rising) after the comma? I really wanna know the structure of that sentence. Thanks Simon

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