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Sunday, January 12, 2020


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Thank you so much for always giving us many useful tips.

Dear Simon

Hello, Simon. I'm Mari.

I want to express to you my gratitude.
I finally got 7 in writing last month. I still can't believe that I achieved this score and I appreciate you a lot.

Here's my experience. I hope this will help those who study IELTS.

I read and practiced some questions and band9 answers about writing Task1 and Task2 (10 pages each in total). I reviewed and re-practiced them a few times and made some notes to memorise useful tips. I also used an IELTS report/essay collection service (Not here, sorry Simon!).

The scores elevated little by little as I studed.

The duration of study: score
3 months: 6.0
5 months: 6.5
7 months: 7.0

I believed that followed the methods that Simon provided here. What I want to tell is believe Simon and practice examples a few times. Then, you'll get a required score!

Thank you so much, Simon. I couldn't have obtained that score without your blog.

I appreciate all your efforts for people who study IELTS. You're blog is incredible.

I wish your all the best!

thank you so much


You're welcome!

And congratulations to Mari for making those gradual improvements! I'm happy that my lessons and methods helped you to make steady progress - that's the aim of my blog and other materials, so thanks for sharing your success with us!

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