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Monday, November 11, 2019


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Dear Simon,

I daily follow your blog. It is really helpful. Especially, your writing style is simple and clear.

Some days ago, I got 6.5 from listening and speaking, 6.0 from reading and 5.5 from writing. I aim to get at least 7 in overall.

I will be watching you.

Thank you.

The atomic habits book is really good.!It features an easy style and progresses in a gradual manner.

Hello, Simon and everyone!

I am preparing for the test and confused about what I have to write in "True/False/Not Given" tasks. Some people say you can write down "T/F/NG",others say it would be marked as a mistake and therefore you need to write "True/False/Not Given". Could you please comment on that? and in the "fill in the gap" tasks there are sometimes more than one word missing, e.g. _____ and ______ for one question. What is the right way to write them on the answer sheet? Do I have to use comma in this case? Thank you in advance for your response

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