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Monday, November 25, 2019


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I am a great follower of you. I overcame all other modules except Reading. I spent lots of time for reading, but still I can not understand sentence meaning accurately. Please give me some suggestions

Hi Simon,
If writing down a short hint in each para, is it helpful for reading test?

Dear Simon,

I have a question about Reading questions short answers. For example in General Training Book 14, test 1, questions 19, 20 the instruction say "NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER".
So for q.19 I wrote pre-arranged permits, q.20 i wrote outside Concorde Building, but in the answer keys, the correct answer for q.19 is "permits" and for q.20 is "Concorde Building".
Well, are my answers marked as wrong??

Thank you.

Dear Simon,
I read this post and exactly found the answer to my questions.

Thank you

Thank you, this tip may give me some help during the IELTS Reading exam. I sometimes zoom off while reading the passage sometimes :(

This is true though

Simon, you are my hero and I am proud of you
You are best of the best
Good health to you.

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