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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


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DNA is taken from completely different plant or animal.

When DNA comes from a different plant or animal

What is a transgenic organism?

Transgenic organism is a creation of crossed DNA taken from different species-plant or animal.

What is a transgenic organism?
When the DNA is taken from different species such as plant,animal and crossed each other then it is called a transgenic organism.

What is a transgenic organism?

It is kind of organism which is developed after the DNA taken from different plant or animal being engineered.

sorry !
It is a kind of ...

Transgenic organism is an organism that is created through the modification of its genome.

A transgenic organism is created by implanting DNA of another organism into its DNA structure, thereby supplementing new traits to the transgenic organism.

A transgenic organism means it was be implanted DNA from other animals or plants to become better

when DNA comes from completely different animal or plants, this new organism called transgenic. Trans means @cross@

A transgenic organism is created by implanting the DNA of other animals or plants in order to add desired traits.

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