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Sunday, September 08, 2019


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There have been several complaints about the reception area where visitors to your company arrive. Your manager has asked you to suggest how the reception area could be improved.
Write a letter to your manager.
In your letter
describe the complaints that have been made
say why the reception area is important
suggest how the reception area could be improved

Dear Mr. Patel,

I am writing in connection with the present issues in the reception area of the company, and to suggest possible solutions.

The main complaint I have noticed is that guests are not getting places to sit as the area is small and full of unnecessary furniture. On top of this issue, the air conditioning systems in this area is malfunctioning and thus dripping water on the floor continuously.

The reception area is highly important because visitors including clients, interviewees, and others arrive at this place first, and if they find such small problems, they will associate negative impression about the company in their minds. This means that they would not prefer to work for or work with the organization.

To improve this situation, I would suggest transferring some furniture at other areas of the premise which are non-functioning and add some new sofas, chairs, and tables so that visitors get more space to sit around or fill out forms. I would highly recommend replacing the air conditioners as repairing them seems impossible by looking at their current condition.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

bring a significant error to your attention
but why you wrote bring to your attention a significant error

Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that music is an effective medium to bring people from different countries and ages closer. I fully support this assertion as people can understand traditional values or way of living by listening to music of different areas and enjoy same kind of music regardless of their age.

Many songs and musical tunes often reflect culture of the area where they are composed. Music composers or song writters usually like to express their views on the custom followed by local people in their music, and thus inhabitants of different areas or even states can get the deep insight into the culture of a particular city or town by just listening to the music of that area. For example, the title track of the Bollywood movie called Dangal showcases the life of amateur wrestlers in rural areas of India. Therefore, I think music makes people aware about different cultures and so brings them together.

Apart from this, most people of different ages like listening to the same music. While many mothers like to sing their favourite songs for their newborns, some fathers enjoy latest songs played by their children. Grandparents also love the newly released musical albums as these songs are often remake of old songs, and thus remind them of their yesteryears. To explain this by a personal example, my grandfather used to tell me that today’s songs remind him of his past times with my grandmother. As music is often associated with people’s emotions, I think it indirectly persuade people of any age to connect with eachother.

In conclusion, I completely agree that music is an effective way to unite people of different nations and ages as it allows people to understand practices of different regions and is being enjoyed by almost everyone.


.. the air conditioning systems in this area is [singular/plural mismatch] .

".. they will associate negative impression.." -> they will be left with a negative impression ...

-> transferring some furniture from other areas of the premises ['premises' is always plural in this sense].

-> impossible from looking OR in view of their current condition.


->enjoy the same kind of
-> reflect the culture
-> gain a deep insight
-> aware of ...
"newborn" was not often pluralized with an 's' until about thirty years ago. One can only hope that examiners are up with recent developments in English!



Both ways are possible. Here's a Google search that shows the pattern I used:



Dear Simon,
In the prompt, we see "some information", but you only stated "one" mistake. Also, you didn't write anything about "your" town. You just wrote "Manchester", which seems not perfect.

Can you please give me why? And is it ok for us to write like that (ignoring the stated issues)?

Hi Morteza,

You have to remember that "information" is uncountable, so we can't say "an information" or "several informations". As a result, "some information" is a very general definition, and it could refer to one or several mistakes.

I think it is obvious to the reader that Manchester is my town. There's no need to write "in my town, Manchester".

I hope this helps!

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