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Thursday, August 22, 2019


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Potatoes are delivered.
Potatoes are cleaned.
Potatoes are peeled.
Potatoes are sliced.
Potatoes are boiled.
Potatoes are chilled.
Potatoes are stored.

potatoes are delivered.
potatoes are cleaned.after this,it is peeled and are being cut in slice.next,potatoes are boiled into water and it is chilled.After,it has been stored.


Potatoes are delivered, cleaned, peeled, sliced, boilled, chilled and stored.

1. Potatoes are delivered around one month ago.
2. Potatoes are cleaned before next stage where cleaned potatoes are peeled and sliced.
3. Later, potatoes slices are boiled and then chilled before they are stored.

When you get the delivery for potatoes, they should thoroughly be cleaned before being peeled and sliced. After these processes, they can be boiled and then chilled. Finally, they can be stored.

- delivery
- clean
- peel
- slice
- boil
- chill
- store

After potatoes are delivered, potatoes are cleaned. Before the next stage that potatoes are boiled, they are peeled and sliced. Finally, these potatoes are chiled and stored.

- delivery
- clean
- peel
- slice
- boil
- chill
- store

After being delivered, potatoes are cleaned. Then they should be peeled and sliced before being boiled. Finally, these processed potatoes are chilled and stored.

Potatoes are delivered to the store. First, potatoes are cleaned by the chef.
After this, it is peeled and then cut it in slice.
Second, potatoes are boiled into water in a few minutes , it is chilled by chef right way . Finally, Potatoes are stored in the refrigerator.

Once the potatoes are delivered, they are cleaned with fresh water by a cleaner. And they are peeled and sliced to make them smaller pieces to boiled them. After they are boiled it will be chilled to store them in a storage container.

The potatoes delivered are subjected to cleaning,peeling and slicing.Afterwards they are boiled and chilled for storage

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