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Monday, August 26, 2019


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I wanted to add details to what Mr.Simon has mentioned. In the reading or listening test word count is very important. If the question says 'answer in one word only', then we should write only the keyword,
for example, in one of the above answers, we should write only permits.
But if it is mentioned that the answer should not be more than three words then we are allowed to write either permits or prearranged permits. Similarly, we can write outside Concorde building or Concorde building.
Thank you very much, Simon, for your valuable lessons. I am following this blog for the past 8 years and could learn a lot.
I scored 8.5 in Academic reading and listening tests consecutively two times just because of your lessons.
Kind regards
Prasad Gandham

Don’t forget the instructions. If the questions only allow us to fill in no more than one word, the answers for questions one and three will be wrong.

Good morning,

I have a question about words combination,

Is that correct for ask:
what is your favorite hobby?
I think favorite and hobby can not use together, It sounds weird.

can anyone give me an answer.
thanks in advance.


As the graph below shows, "favorite" is the second commonest adjective for "hobby" on Google books.


Answer is correct or not also depends on word count. For instance, if the assignment says "use 1 word", then 2 word answer with redudant word will be wrong.


People usually have more than one hobby, so it is natural to ask someone which one is their favorite.

Thanks a lot @Magda, @sjm

hi simon
we missed you
you havent posted anything in these two days
i hope you are fine wherever you are

Simon you're one of the best IELTS mentors and teachers in the world and we always look forward to your IELTS tips

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