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July 04, 2019


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Simon sir,
I have a question.Some teacher suggest that overview should be written in present tense but body paragraph should be written in past tense when the data is given in the past. I write in the same way .Is it wrong?


I think it depends on the task. My overview here (above) is in the past, which seems the most appropriate tense for this particular task.

Thank you very much sir!

Six bus station placed both sides of Hospital road in 2007 changed from this situation to a single bus station in the west of the street and also a staff car park with a separate entrance to the hospital in the east of the street. For convenience, a public car park was constructed in the east of the hospital. In addition, two roundabouts were built in the junction of the hospital road and ring road and also the city road. However, the ring road and the city road constantly remained in 2010.
In conclusion, applied changes considerably were appropriate and effective to improve discipline and the convenience of people and even they could prevent some accidents in that area.

Ali Hakmai

Your final paragraph consists of comment and your own opinions: neither of these is required in Task 1, which should simply be an objective description. The same applies to the phrase "for convenience": there is no way of knowing why the changes were made.

The "six bus station(s)" were presumably just bus stops, with or without shelters. A bus station usually implies a purpose built enclosure separated from general roading.

" the ring road and the city road constantly remained": what do you mean by "constantly remained"?


- Yes, of course, I completely understood the matter that you said.

- I must be careful to put 'S. Thank you for your attention.

- In the last sentence in the body paragraph, i want to show these roads were unchanged.

In 2007, the city hospital's transport infrastructure including six bus stops and a shared car park area for both staff and ordinary people were totally different from what is being seen in the hospital's road access map, in 2010.

In 2010, to replace the six bus stop in 2007, a bus station had been made. The hospital road connected to the new bus station through two new minor roads and to merge these minor paths with the hospital road, two roundabouts had been made at both ends of the hospital road. The old shared parking facilities changed, and they separated into two different parking area by building a new parking area for the public car park, and they used the old parking area for the hospital's staff.

In 2007, there were six bus stops along both sides of Hospital Rd. Next to bus stops on the right side of the road, staff and public shared the same car park and the same gate to the hospital.

Two roundabouts were built on Hospital Rd in 2010, one next to the hospital and the other at the intersection between Hospital Rd and City Road. Besides, a big bus station is seen on the left of Hospital Rd, replacing the six bus stops in 2007. The car park from 2007 is kept for staff only, while a new public car park was established on the right to the hospital. Accordingly, a new gate was built between this car park and the hopspital for patients and visitors.

In 2007, six bus stops were standing separately in both sides of the Hospital Road and it changed into one big bus station in the west of the Hospital Road in 2010.
Two roundabouts has been added in the junction of Hospital Road and City Road as well as the northern end of the Hospital Road in 2010.
Car parking area has been divided into two parts in 2010. As the parking area for staff was still in the east of the Hospital Road, but the area for public parking has been moved to the extended space which located in the east of Ring Road and one more gate was built in the middle of the east of the Ring Road.

The maps illustrate the alterations made in roadway approaching city hospital in two different time periods i.e. 2007 and 2010.

Overall, some significant changes can be observed between the two years given. The new developments made in year 2010 were construction of bus station, two circular roads and separate areas were designated for parking of staff and public cars.

In year 2007,turning right from the city road took you to the hospital road which was directly connected to city hospital. The ring road which surrounded the hospital was linked with the hospital road as well. There was a parking area where both public and staff could park the cars were approachable from both the ring road and the hospital road. There was a bus stop located right east to the hospital.

By contrast, in year 2010, prominent modifications could be seen in road map of the hospital. Public cars could now separately be parked at area right east to the hospital annexed to ring road. Previous car parking area that was used by both public and staff members was now assigned to only staff of the hospital.Two roundabouts were built to connect city road with the hospital road. Bus station replacing the bus stop was shifted at left side of the hospital road connected to both roundabouts.

Thanks Zoey.

I have several suggestions:

1. I think there is no article in front of a street name. so it should be "on Hospital Rd", not"in the Hospital Rd".
2. "it changed into" ----"it was changed into"
3. in the junction----- at the junction
4. When there is the specific time at the end of a sentence, like 2010, does simple past work better than present perfect?

Look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

The two pictures illustrate some changes that were made to the traffic roads to the city hospital between the years 2007 and 2010.

We can see that there were three main modifications to the roads, which were a new public car park, new roundabouts and a new bus station.

It is noticeable that the six bus stops were removed and two roundabouts were added on the hospital road, one was built on the junction of Hospital Road and Ring Road and the other one was added on the junction of Hospital Road and City Road. There was a new bus station build on the west of the Hospital Road, with the connections to the two roundabouts.

The car park for staff and public in 2007 was now shifted to a specific staff car park. However, a new public car park was allocated at the east of the city hospital. The drivers can enter the public car park directly from Ring Road that surrounded the city hospital.

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