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Sunday, July 07, 2019


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Thanks, Simon for sharing. This is something I used to do.
Something I still do is mixing up "in" and "on".
I sit in the table rarely. ;)

Anyway, I received the reassessment of my IELTS exam and sadly score didn't change.
Listening 8.5
Reading 9.0
Writing 6.5
Speaking 7.0
Overall 8.0

So I booked the exam on 25th again. This time I'm gonna work very hard on writing. Will let you know the result.


I would suggest you have your writing assessed by a native speaker in order to find out what is going wrong.


Thanks for the advice. I will try to find a native teachers who I can afford, and will take feedback on few essays.

Hello Simon, I just have one question related to this post. If I am a teacher and want to "give" a test or an exam to the students, what would be the proper verb to use? I'm looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance!




That is very informative. Thank you!


Yes, of course: the teacher "gives" his/her students a test.

I am having a little difficulty with the use of commas and fullstops.Please do you have a website where all these are addressed thoroughly?

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