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Friday, July 05, 2019


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1.The job I would like to have ten years from now is research and development of Food products such as noodles because I want to formulate new product and give nutritious food which help them not for their healthy life but also for their long life.
2. English will be very useful for my future career as well as also for work place.In fact,It will be crucial for me to communicate with foreign buddy,reading and writing for research work.
3.If I will pass IELTS exam , I hope I will go for travelling in various countries around the world such as Canada for seeing CN Tower,Niagara Falls , Australia for Sydney Harbour,UK for London bridge ,USA for Miami beach and France for Eiffel Tower.I will visit those places once a year because they are attractive , have mesmerizing scene , tourist destination and historically and naturally connected
4.As I mentioned before, if I go to abroad study,my life will definitely change in the future because I will get good job in a reputed company and will have more friends around the world who help me grow in their culture and help me when it is needed. Apart from this,i will earn more money and buy modern house for comfortable life

1. I believe I have obtained my PMP certification in the next ten years and becomes a project manager, responsible for many important project. In that way, I'll not worry about my job any more.

2. I suppose English will become a key ability for my career in the future and I'll be speaking English with my colleague almost every day then I can work from any corner of the world.

3. If it is possible, I'll travel twice a year in the future, and the best part is that I don't need to worry about the cost any more.

4. I hope I can be more wealthy and have enough money to support my life, my travels, my hobbies but first I must have competency to earn more than before.

I know with this many grammar mistakes nobody would eat any of my noodle. I saw this, only when double check.

1.I hoped to be a consultant doctor in UK in next few years.As, I've graduated from medical school and pursing my career in gynecology.So, in 10 years from now I would be completing my post graduation training and starting my career as independent consultant.

2. As, English is the mean of communication there, so to bridge that doctor patient gap, i have to communicate in native language,so it has a pivotal role in my career and also dealing with my day to day chores there. so,It will be quite helpful to convey my point.

3.I guess not much in near future as it will be one or two trips this year and later on it depends on my job requirements. But yeah I wish to travel a lot, to take some break from my strenuous routine and indulge myself in beauty of nature. Hopefully I can do that in future.

4.I guess it won't be changed regarding my job routine until few years from now on. But if I start my post graduation training abroad. It means I have to live independently in an alien society So for which, I'm pretty much excited actually and at the same time quite worried about it.

My mistakes which i just noticed....
1.I hope
2.and i used "So" and "I guess" quite a lot.
Rather than I can say.. I believe, or In my opinion.

If someone can highlight my mistakes and also correct them as well. It will be highly appreciated.

1)ı am a software engineer now , but ı want to be a pilot. Engineering is boring to me and ı should work another place and the place ı work for should not be indoor..
2)English is the most important language in the world and if i want to work in a transportation company as a pilot. I must learn it wery well. Because many different nationalities travel by plane and a pilot has to talk much them.

3) I think it would be my job to travel ,i want to travel as much as possible.Maybe seven days a week,maybe more than seven days .

4)I love traveling to different places and i will go everywhere for my job and earn a lot of money to live my hobbies and future life comfortably.


This morning I was served by a Chinese lady who scored 6.5 in IELTS some sixteen years ago, and who now works as an insurance consultant in an English-speaking environment. Her comment on speaking was that we need to get the pronunciation right and speak slowly and clearly. Although her accent was still noticeable, I understood every word she said. If there was the odd grammar mistake, it really didn't affect the meaning.

Punctuation errors:
.As, I ("As" here is a conjunction, not an introductory adverb).
-> ... years,as I've graduated from medical school and am now pursing ...

...ology.So, in ... ("so" can be treated as a conjunction here too: -> ...ology, so in ....)

As, English (see above:"As" here is a subordinating conjunction, so the main clause does not need "so").

-> the means of communication

-> But if I start my post-graduation training abroad, it means I have to live independently in an alien society ...

"So for which," ??? meaning unclear.

"English, it is said, makes use of more subordination than coordination, while Arabic favors the use of coordination rather than subordination". Maybe check "so" here: https://blogs.transparent.com/arabic/arabic-subordinating-conjunctions/

Apologies if I have guessed your native language incorrectly.

Thank you Oleg. That's very nice of you. I'll look into it. And apology accepted, it's ok. :)

1, As I've just graduated from a medical school, I'm a medical doctor now. In ten years, I hope I'll work as a doctor in England.
2, English will definitely help me a lot. I always want to work in an English-speaking country, for example, England so a good command of English would be the key to success.

3, In the coming years, hopefully I can make it to as many countries as possible. Obviously travelling is a great way for me to experience the world.
4, I'm still young so I think that apparently I will face ups and downs in life. I also imagine that I will have a chance to treat patients in the UK.

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