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Monday, June 10, 2019


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I think the answer is
3. The reading revolution .

According to me, most convenient heading is "The Readig Revolution"

The answer is 3. The Reading Revolution

My answer is 1

clearly 3


I would think 2.



3 is the asnwer


3. The reading revolution.

3. The reading revolution is the most suitable heading

3 one is the right answer

I am voting for 3



ı think answer is 3

I think it is 3.
Because for 1. There no content for 1st library.
2.it is not about the reading habits. It’s about the change in trend of reading over the period of time.

The Reading Revolution


Now I think its 1

answer 3

my answer is 3 because in the first sentence have the word "changes". The following sentences support to the idea at the first sentence by the way indicate how people change the way their reading's style.

i think the answer is 3

hi sir, what is the answer?
I think option 2

I think 2d option

for me it's 3

Sorry, I changed mind, now I pick again 2.
2 is answer.



3 is my answer

3 is my answer

Hi, sir what is the correct answer?

Actually, the answer is not only a number 3, but also the most significant answer.


3. The reading revolution

3 the reading revolution

Dear Simon,

Can you please give a lesson for question 40, Test 2, IELTS Cambridge academic reading.

Here is the question (T/F/NG):

Google was inspired to adopt flexibility by the success of General Eelectric.

Thank you in advance for your great help.

3. ''The reading revolution'' because this cover whole idea of the paragraph rather than ''library'' and ''intensive - extensive'' . They are only the examples of the paragraph I think.


My answer is 3.

reading revolution


“Reading underwent serious changes in the 18th century.” is the center mind, so my answer is 3. the reading revolution


my answer is 3


How do we know the correct answers to these quick practice tests??? Anyone? Thank You!

My answer is 3

The reading revolution



best heading is 3

Answer is 3.


3 100%

3. The reading revolution: (Reading underwent serious changes in the 18th century).




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