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Monday, June 03, 2019


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I think 'sound' means seem or likely.


Here's the context to help you with my question about the word 'sound':

"The bridge was not sound enough to support the increased load of traffic."

I think, in this context "sound" means strong.

I think 'sound' means reasonable in the context.

In this context, "sound" means complete or adequate in terms of quality or quantity.

Sound as an adjective means 'perfect'.

i think the word "sound" means maybe

From context "sound" means strong, durabele, stable, firm.

AS AN ADJECTIVE "sound" has nothing to do with noise:


I checked the meaning of "sound" as adjective in Cambridge dictionary. Here is one of the meanings and the example that sound to be closest to the meaning in this exercise:

Sound (adj.) :not broken or damaged; healthy; in good condition:

Example from dictionary: It's an old building but it's still structurally sound.

My own example: The fist IELTS exam I took was not sound. Nevertheless, I will not lose hope for the coming test.


Common collocations for "sound" as an adjective: see graph


If you say the exam was not sound, it sounds as if there was some fault or mistake with the exam questions or materials, that is, the examiner is to blame. Probably you mean "I fared badly in the exam".

in this case ''sound '' means strong ie "The bridge was not strong enough to support the increased load of traffic."

was not "good" enough.

Good or perfect


.....not "fit" enough


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