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May 12, 2019


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Dear Sir,

I have finished the payment.

I am looking forward to your confirmation and the course.

Thanks again, Sir.

Thanks thong chung. I think you're the first!

Dear Sir,
Can i acess the course later on also or it will be available only for 1 week?

Due to my work schedule i will not be able to join course during those dates.


Yes, I’m sure we can solve that problem. Just email me: ieltssimon@gmail.com

Dear sir
After going through the course ones,will all that videos or related material be permanently accessible to me. In other words can I have that stuff lifelong for any further revision on my own

Hi Simon,

I’ve paid for the upcoming WT2 course and am really looking forward to it! Before the course starts, could you please make lessons again on the “discussion + opinion” essay to help clear things up?

I’m now taking a writing course in my city and the academy uses your method and essays as the backbone of its course. However, yesterday I had an argument with the teacher about the difference between “discussion w/ opinion” & “discussion w/o opinion.” The teacher said that the two types are the same, because even when I discuss both views, those views actually all have my personal opinions in them. He then went that phrases like “it is argued/believed that” don’t exclude my own opinions, unless I write things like “I believe that…”, “In my opinion…”, or “it seems to me that”, which clearly state my personal opinions.

And then he said that the way you wrote the two main body paragraphs in the “discussion w/o opinion” essay in the below file is actually same as writing “discussion w/ opinion” one with a balanced view .

I recall your “museum” essay which is a “discussion + opinion” with a balanced view.

I noticed that in the two main body paragraphs, you don’t mention “I” or “my”. Only in the introduction and conclusion can I find “in my opinion” and “it seems to me that.”

So it seems that what the other teacher said makes sense, but somehow I’m still not sure about it. Also, could you please show us some other ways, which clearly include “I” or “my”, to write main body paragraphs for a “discussion + opinion” essay with a balanced view? I practiced the museum essay last week. I also hold a balanced view on it, but then I found it really difficult to write the topic sentences for the two main body paragraphs.

Hope to hear back from you. Thank you very very much Simon!

Hi Simon,
Thank you for preparing the WT2 course. I bet it will be to the point and exciting. I'd like to enrol to the WT2 course but I'd like to know if those course material will be available after the 16th of June? I reckon this bit is important as revisiting lessons would be really helpful for learners of English.

I wish for successful of this course.Thank you so much sir. Sir,Could you please put here the 'OVERVIEW' of this course WRITING TASK 2 what it looks like or what the subject matter does it contain? It will be more clear to everybody what is going to happen in the new course.

Could you prepare subtitles for what you talk?
At least I want to know whether there are or not before making a payment.

Sir is the really prize of the courses is 60 or 80 Pound?



I'll give you access to the course for as long as you need, so don't worry.



Good questions - I understand your confusion and will tackle this issue again soon!



Yes, I'll give you access for as long as you need. Thanks for signing up!



Yes, I'll publish an overview of the course at some point. Basically we'll be looking at the 4 scoring criteria and how to fulfil them in each paragraph of an essay.

The price is £60 now, but it will go up on 22nd May.



I'll make sure there is some kind of script - either subtitles or a written text attachment.

Thank you Simon sir for replying.One request to you also sir, please reply in the similar fashion at the end of the day when you are free because many students come here in this blog to get authentic material and copy exactly your lessons , ideas what you have created in this blog.Lots of students have lost so many years and they are frustrated.All students want to hear from you some notes about their query.So,sir please comment for them as a whole.

Dear Sir,

I just did payment for the course.
Looking forward your confirmation sir.

Thank you
Yenny Ekasari

this is my resi number 14 Mei 2019 15:14:37 GMT+07:00
No. Resi:1360-3440-3693-7252

Sir thanyou sir. 80 dolers is very reasonble.


Thanks Yenny. You should have received an email from me.


No problem Pachu!

Hi Simon
I’ve just paid for the course. I’m looking forward to studying with you.

Hi Simon, do you answer our related questions during the course? and do we have access to the course for revision after those 7 days?

Hello sir I am so confused in varieties of sentences plz describe us in course what is varieties of sentences and how we can use collacagion

Hi Simon, I've paid for the course. Look forward to receiving the access code for your youtube course. Thanks.

Hii anyone plz help me how I can send my payment and PayPal is not working here

Hi Simon, is this course different with your video course cos I had bought it last time? Please suggest. Thank you.

Hi Simon,

Is it lifetime access course? Can I access anytime I want?





Yes, this is a different course with a new focus - for the first time, I'll be using the band descriptors as a teaching tool. The teaching style will also be a bit different - I'll be sending daily emails with worksheets and little homework tasks. Finally, you'll also have the chance to send me an essay, which I'll check in order to see if you've followed my advice properly.



You'll receive the worksheets by email, and so you'll have be able to download and save them. The videos will be accessed via a link, and I can allow access for as long as you need.

Dear Simon
Can I access you video lessons after 25th of June ?

Dear Simon

I have paid for your course and have received the payment confirmation email.

This is the first time I take one of your courses, so could you please tell me in details about how I can access the course.

Thank you

Hi Simon.

I have paid for the course and have received a confirmation email. The id I have paid from is shruts231@gmail.com and my email id is sunil.narula84@gmail.com. Kindly give me access on my id.

Thank you.

Hi simon, I've paid. The transaction number is 2CM34489LG2351804.



Thanks guys. Just email me if you haven't received the confirmation message.



Yes, I'll make sure you can still see the course.

Hi Simon,

I have paid and can't wait for the writing course.
I am going to apply for the TESL program of University of Toronto, which requires 8 for speaking and 7 for others. My IELTS scores (10 years ago) were L6.5 R6.0 W6.0 S5.5. This time I want to stick with you because the training I took in 2009 in Guangzhou was terrible!

Hi, Simon, I hope I am on your participant list . Paid up already.


I am also wondering if you could let me know how to use your e-book (which I have bought from you previously) together with your website?

You say in the book it's best I use the e-book together with your website, it there a specific section here you are referring to?

Thanks a lot

Dawei and ShangJu,

Hopefully you have received confirmation emails from me. I think I also answered your question by email ShangJu.

Hi Simon,

Could you please give me advice: I teach IELTS and somentimes I find it difficult to score Writing Task 1,2 as well as Speaking. In this case should I participate in "New IELTS writing course" or buy "How to teach IELTS" course? I appreciate your advice.


I would love to attend, but I have only Turkish credits cards which are not accepted by PayPal. Is there any alternative method of payment for people in my situation ?


Both of those courses contain advice about scoring, so it's your choice!



I'm afraid the only solution is to ask a friend or family member in a different country to pay for you. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Hi Simon,

Just paid the course.

Hi, Simon, I hope I am on your participant list. Just paid the course! Looking forward to learning from authentic IELTS examiner!

Hi Simon, I'm an experienced ESL teacher in New Zealand, aiming to teach IELTS, and am so disappointed to have discovered this a little late. Could I squeeze in to this intake somehow?


Could ypu please corfitm my participation in the Writing Course?
My email is irinaburlai@gmail.com.
I paid on Monday, June 3.

I want to join it but I enroll it late compared to your announcement.Can I join it now?

Hi Simon,
when do you open the next writing course, since this course is now full:'/

Hi, Simon.
When are you planning to open your next writing course?

Just found out this and it's too late... I'd like to know when you open the next writing course. Is it included general practice writing skill?

Hi Simon
Unfortunately, I found out about your 7-day Writing course just now. Please let me know when will you be able to arrange another one or if there is any possibility to access this course by sending the material.

Hi simon, i want to join this writing course bcz i just came to know right now
Plz let me know as i really need a help in writing my exam on29 june.thanks


The course is now available again. You can find it here:


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