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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


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Sir, are this from your paid workshop? Thank you sir.


This is a quick example of the kind of thing I’ll be explaining on the course. The course will contain more detailed explanation and demonstration.

Hi Simon,
Thank you for the post, but I think presenting a clear position throughout the response does not necessarily mean that I should present it in the introduction. My position is made clear through the choice of my words and the grammar that I use, and as we can see from many model answers in Cambridge books, the only place where the position is explicitly stated is in the conclusion.


The British Council model answer for Task 2 includes in the introduction an indication of the author's position: "but in everyday life I do not think this is true." See here:


hi simon

if I want to be partially agree (or partially disagree) in agree/disagree questions, should my side be more bulkier and peopled with more idea than another side?


Looking at the following lesson:
and following the links therein, note that whether a 'balanced' or 'almost balanced' answer, Simon's model answers make the two main body paragraphs of roughly equal length.

Other relevant links:




Hi Simon,

Regarding the one side opinion, you mentioned we must only mention about arguments that support the opinion. In case I cannot find two strong reasons, can I make a skeleton as below?

1. Topic sentence (agree of disagree)
2. One idea to support my opinion
3. One opposing idea, but then I refute the opposition.
4. Conclude

I wonder if refutation works, because this way it helps include more ideas.



The third paragraph would need to state the opposing view fairly briefly, and concentrate on why you disagree. For example:

Some notable politicians still claim that global warming is fake news or false science, but in my view, their stance is untenable.

It is possible to argue that human activities have had an insignificant impact on global temperatures. However, in my view, the correlation between greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and rising temperatures is more easily explained in terms of human intervention.

Note the type of introductory phrases to the paragraph which are needed to make your position clear throughout.

Hi Zoe,

Yes I think maybe limiting the opposing reasons to one sentence and elaborate on the refutation for the rest 3 sentences, including an example. Then conclude the paragraph. This way I can cover more points and tight up my essay.

Hi Simon

Can you dedicate one of your post about the "Concession" and teach us how to use it in a real agree/disagree qustion in body paragraph 2?

A friend who lives in another country has invited to you come and stay with him/her on your next holiday. You are too busy to accept the invitation.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:
• Thank him/her for the invitation
• Explain why you cannot come
• Give him/her your other news

Dear Sam,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m just writing to tell you that, unfortunately, I couldn’t come to Canada to see you in the summar vacation that I planned from June 1st to June 15th.

First thing first, I couldn’t thank you enough for your heartiest invitation to visit your place during my holidays. I’ve always wanted to see Canada as it is the most scenic country in the world and I specifically like the north part where you’re living currently.

But, I just had to cancel my pre-planned leaves because my boss told me that I’ll have to finish some high-priority office work during this period, and I’d no other choice than to accept this task as I’ve been involved in this from the scratch, and know nuts and bolts of this assignment.

You know what, I restarted lifting heavy weights as I’m really looking for cutting my weight down and improving my physique in the coming three months. I still remember our school days when we used to workout together and challenge eachother for lifting the heaviest weight possible.

I’d really miss you and will plan to meet once I complete this target.

Take care!


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