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Thursday, May 09, 2019


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Sir, main idea of each para grouped?

I'm here just say thank you, your tutorial videos are very helpful and great.

Main idea of the first paragraph is to emphasize the changes in the proportion of people who speak 2 or more languages.
Main idea of the second paragraph is to emphasize the changes in the proportion of people who speak one language. And to sum up the general changes.

A small correction, ten years later the proportion of people who spoke a second language increased by 10% and not 5%.

the main idea of first para is to write about general info while for second it was to write about specific details. the both paras are organized in really technical way.

The writing grouped the categories of 'French only', 'German only', 'Spanish only', 'Another language' and 'Two other languages' to 'the students were able to speak one or two foreign languages'. The main idea of the first paragraph is "After ten year there is the increase in the number of students learning a second language." And the second is "The shifting of students' interest in each foreign language".

The 1st paragraph is describing the rise in the proportion of speakers who speak one or two foreign languages; the 2nd paragraph is describing changes in the proportion in one-language speakers of different languages.

The first paragraph gives an idea about an overview of the essay while the second is specific. Then, this is the reason why this essay does not contain an introduction and summary.



My 5% figure refers to the number of people who spoke just one other language (not including the people who spoke two other languages).

For clarity, maybe I should have written "one other language" instead of "a second language".

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