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May 17, 2019


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A friend has agreed to look after your house and pet while you are on holiday.
Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

• give contact details for when you are away
• give instructions about how to care for your pet
• describe other household duties

Dear Sam and Linda

My wife and I are really grateful to you as you’re ready to take care of my house and my dog ‘Tiger’ while we’re out of the station next week. I’d like to tell you a few important things in this letter so that you won’t have any major issue during your stay at my home.

First and foremost, I’ll be reachable almost 24*7 on my mobile so you can phone me anytime you want. I’m not so sure about the mobile network on coming Thursday and Friday as I’ll be at the hilly area, but you can always drop me messages on WhatsApp or Facebook so that I can check them and call you when I’ll be at my hotel which has wifi access.

Tiger is a trained dog, so you don’t have to much worry about him. You just have to remember that he’s a pure vegetarian, so don’t try to give him meat or beef. You’ll find all his food in a separate refrigerator, which is in the store room. Other than this, you can enjoy playing with him or taking him for a walk in the morning or evening; it’ll be some cardio workout for you as well.

Having said that, please don’t forget to water the plants in a balcony. You know that my wife loves them like her kids. You can use anything in my home, but just try to maintain cleanliness and tidiness so that my wife won’t get a shock when we’ll be back home after a mini-vacation.

I hope these details will help you.

See you this Sunday!


I use some most useful websites for different reasons on a daily basis such as youtube for important videos, facebook, and Instagram for sharing my interests, as well as some other sites regarding sports, entertainment, news based and so on.

Now I would like to talk about a particular website that I prefer and use most in my life and It is youtube. It is the world largest video sharing website and one of the most visited websites too. I use this one almost every day because I have my own verified youtube channel based on IT division Called "IT-Vision" and It garnered more than fifty-thousand subscribers. So I have to upload and share some important contents regarding IT in order to keep my viewers up to date.

I have some other activities as well such as watching the latest videos, listen to new music, enjoying various late night comedy shows and some significant news and documentaries. Proving those types of contents, youtube helps me a lot to be more touch with contemporary issues and gather ideas and information politics, diplomacy, economy, environmental, traveling, foods, traditions etcetera. Most Importantly, this platform provides me with plenty of essential materials regardings IT and communication skills.

I think it won't be possible for me to be more update and skillful if there would be nothing like Youtube. My popularity and recognition as Youtuber became widespread all because of the contribution of this online platform otherwise I could live like an ordinary people in my community. So I mean actually nothing special about me without youtube. Life also wouldn't be so easier and flexible like now than before when we used to depend much on CDs, DVDs, and some offline based materials in terms of the completion of our daily video sharing and receiving activities.

In the age of the internet, there are a plethora of options for each type of websites; however, www.youtube.com is one such website which I use for various purposes but primarily for my work. Apart from discussing how often and why I use this website, in this essay, I will also describe how my routine work life would have been different if this website was not available.

Commonly referred as 'YouTube', this website is a massive collection of video content generated by its users, which quenches the thirst of consumers who want entertainment, knowledge, product information, education, reviews on anything, news, etc. Being a Product Manager of accounting software, my job demands of me to keep myself updated about various new software tools launched by our competitors, and this where I use 'YouTube' as my main source for such information. People submit their reviews in the form of videos and users like myself, who seek such information, find it here. Thus, it has now become a part of my daily research work.

Although I have been using 'YouTube' from more than a decade now, from the last five years, it has become the backbone of all the product research and design work I do. Amongst other available sources to acquire this data, 'YouTube' will always be my first preferences because of the speed with which I can review everything and abundance of the content. Had I not accessed this website during the last few years, I would not have been able to deliver a successful product. If 'YouTube' will cease to exist, I find myself struggling to find the much-needed information, which would mean stretched working hours and low productivity.

Many things, such as smartphones, have become an integral part of our lives; 'YouTube' has been such a part of my daily life. It is difficult even to imagine how I will manage without it and what it will take to find such an efficient source of information.

I'm going to talk about a website which is ielts-simon.I use this website daily. I getup early in the morning at 5:O'clock and see what is updated by Simon.Simon is basically an-ex ielts examiner.He has not only good knowledge of ielts but also write in very simple way to make people understand what is ielts.I read all lessons in this website once a day.
This website teaches ielts tips, tricks, strategy and method .However, this website has also free video lessons aw well as paid lessons. All video lessons are less than 16 min which has worksheet and analysed in very effective way.Lots of Grammar, vocabulary and essays have been written.
If this website doesn't exist ,then definitely my study for ielts preparation would be affected a lot. Firstly, I could not get authentic material which make me learn accurate lessons.Secondly, daily practice is essential in order to learning language. No website gives such high quality ielts materials.Finally, it is difficult to get high band score in ielts.

- what the website is - IELTS Simon

- how often you use the website - Almost every day, I've been using since 2014

- what information the website gives you - The best information about the IELTS preparation for LRWS, Essay writing has become easier, I become fluent Speaker, Improved Listening and Reading skills significantly. The expert Simon makes things simpler and easy to follow.

- and explain how your work or studies would change if this website didn't exist
- Loss of money for trial and errors.
- Demotivation
- Loose momentum

(I think I can talk for 5 minutes)

Thanks for using my blog in your answers Pachu and Vishaal :)

Thank you so much sir.You deserve for everything.

I would like to talk about a website that is essential for my language studies. It's BBC Learning English which is part of the BBC World Service. This has been teaching English to global audiences all over the world.
I visit this website regularly to study English, maybe three times a week.
This site offers a wide range of learning materials such as audio files, videos and texts. The materials are delivered as full or short courses for all levels of English, so I just choose to keep up with the course that I am most appropriate to. Also, the English presented on this website is real, authentic and up-to-date so I always immerse myself in exploring topics that I am really into.
I can't imagine studying English without its help. If this website didn't come along, I would really lack motivation to learn English better.

A better version of my answer
I would like to talk about a website that is essential for my language studies. It's BBC Learning English, which is part of BBC World Service. On this website, experts have been teaching English to global audiences for a very long time.
I visit this site regularly to study E, maybe about three times a week.
This website offers a wide range of learning materials such as audio files, videos and texts. Materials are delivered as full-length courses but each component is standalone so I can choose to follow a full course or the individual materials that are most appropriate to me. Apart from a wealth of material, what impresses me the most is authentic and real English. It actually engages me while helping me improve my English studies.
I can't imagine studying English without its help. If this website didn't come along, I would really lack motivation to become a better listener and a more fluent speaker.

I would love to receive any comments from you all.
Thank you.

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