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Friday, May 03, 2019


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used to do sth & be used to (doing)sth

Hello, Simon! I would like to express my immeasurable gratitude to you for your dedication. I follow your lessons all the time. Thank you very much.

Could you clear me when I can use much more?? Still I can't understand about much more

Could you explain the phrase "to and from work" for me ? Thanks a lot

1, I like to ride a bike. This is because I see cycling as a regular exercise for me every day. I can keep fit as well as protect the environment.
2, Typically I spend about an hour or two travelling to and from work a day.
3, Sometimes I listen to music, but more commonly I just take a look at something interesting on the street.
4, - Yes, actually I used to be stucked in a traffic jam for an hour about two days ago. It was terrible!
Or - Yes, I remember once my bike had broken down and then I walked 2 miles to school. It was terrible!

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