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Friday, May 10, 2019


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Sir very usefull sir, this teacher sjm answered my question before too. Thanks

Hi Simon,

I have a question regarding essay writing.

After identifying a topic of the essay, we brainstorm for ideas, and then we group those ideas for our two main body paragraphs.

I am struggling many times to group my ideas. I spend a lot of my time to understand under what topic sentence I need to insert my thoughts.

Most of the time, I face this problem when I need to deal with agree/disagree and opinion essays.

Thanks in advance

From my experience, Google is the best tool when English learners don't have a private English teacher.

Instead of copying native speakers' words, I prefer to write sentences using my own words. But when I am not sure about whether a sentence I create on my own is grammatically right or not, I usually use Google to search the sentence. Just put the sentence in quotes and google it. IF there are many articles or passages using the sentence, then it shows it is commonly used.

After that, the learners should frequently review these sentences so that they will be able to automatically use them in speaking and writing.

Thanks a lot Simon! I completely agree with your advice and will certainly follow this for my preparation.

I also benefit a lot by following your advice that I need to record myself and evaluate what sorts of mistakes I'm making (probably by transcribing my speech), noting it down, improving it, and again recording my speech. This is not only beneficial to my Grammar score but also helpful in understanding my pronunciation mistakes.

Thanks again to both Simon and Sjm!

Hlo simon,
Today was my speaking test and in part2 he asked me the question describe about an unusual Vacation you had. But I have never familiar with this topic before so I mistakenly talked about a vacation I have made with my cousin. Is my band score affect by this mistake?

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