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Saturday, May 11, 2019


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Sir, please write here in this website also

Sir, please write here in this website also


Yes, I'll put the details here on the blog tomorrow, and the sign-up link will also be here.

The course itself will be delivered by email, with private access videos, worksheets and homework tasks.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for this opportunity.

I am looking forward to the course.

My exam is on the 23rd of this month. I think I would be benefited from tomorrow even although I will miss the 7-day writing course. Thanks for your new approach.

Hi,can u plz do this course in this month if possible.

I'm afraid I can't offer the course this month. But if you still need help in June, I'll be here!

Simon sir.Thank you so much for helping and creating such wonderful blog and new writing course.Sir, you have lots of knowledge and good techniques.So,please give 100 % effort in this blog for maximum benefit of the students who are struggling to pass the IELTS and not getting right materials and teachers around their surrounding.
Apart from these, sir, make a lesson for how to find keywords in the reading passage and how to use 'text structure' to help in finding the information quickly.My exam is June 13.So, I want to pass IELTS exam because I wasted many years to prepare.

I want to join

Also sir, this is my 7th time taking IELTS. I dont no whats going wrong. Each time, each skill is near 5 or 5.5.

Thanks much for your efforts to set the stage right for your online students.

As CD IELTS is also becoming popular, please guide us how to properly take it on. There are many issues with that test, like keywords not being able to be highlighted in reading questions.

Wish you the best for your efforts.


Did you ever thought by any chance about uploading the "7-day IELTS writing course" here in your video course which could be beneficial for the test takers who are in overseas, unable to join you in person.

I suppose that if this is a new start with video lessons, in particular, I mean the styles, techniques, sentence and essay structures, as well as overall task completion will remain the same as before. aren't they?

Hi Simon,

Kindly would this course be beneficial for the candidates who want to increase their score in writing from 6 to 7. I did IELTS twice and I am stuck at 6 despite getting 8 in others.
I really started to get confused and frustrated about what to study or do to improve writing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Simon

This lessons might be a great opportunity to improve my writing skills. My IELTS writing score is 6.5, and I need band7. I will difinitly sigh up the intensive course.

Hi Simon
This course would help me a lot to know how exactly to recognize my mistakes in my essay. I am on my way to attaining band 6.5 in IELTS writing.
and last but not least, thanks so much for all your support for the international IELTS community



This course is for everyone, it doesn't matter where you are. Lessons will be via email and video (not live).



I'm not going to suddenly change my writing method, of course :)

The new aspect to this course is that I'll be referring to the band descriptors much more than usual. I want to show people how the scoring system really works, and how my method fits with the band descriptors. So, I'll be going into more detail than usual about things like: making your position clear, coherent development of ideas, types of cohesive devices, grammar mistakes vs 'complex structures'. Plus, I'll focus, as usual on ideas, less common vocabulary, collocations and phrases etc.



Yes, definitely!


Tae and Khang Tran,

I'm sure you'll find the course beneficial.

Hi Simon,

I am looking forward to this course.

Looking forwards for this course

Hi Simon,

Could you please give me the writing task 2 course details?


Hien Truong,

Have you seen this post?:


Is the course available now??


Yes, you can get it here:


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