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April 17, 2019


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It is true that media communication has several types such as books, radio and television. Although these media means have both benefits and drawbacks, I think television is the most powerful medium for mass communication.

In conclusion, while I recognise the possible
advantages and disadvantagess of books and radio, I consider television to be the most effective overall.

Nowadays, there are several types of mass media and it is understood that all of them have strengths and weaknesses. As far as I am concerned, I think that the most advantageous is television because it is up-to-date and has visual aid while broadcasting.

In conclusion, having considered media such as books, radio and television, I believe that the television is the most effective among all of them. However, it is suggested to reduce advertisement time in order to improve it.

Please help me to understand the potential issues in my essay.

People now have the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world due to the development of communication technology and transportation.
Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

These days, many people are free to select jobs and places to reside in any part of the world because of the advancements in the information technology and transportation sectors. Although this development would allow skilled individuals to work in companies located in their preferred countries, I think the drawback of the formation of anti-social societies is more significant than any or all benefits.

The main positive of this development is that educated people can choose to work in overseas organizations based on their skills and educational qualifications. This will significantly help them to broaden their horizons, and to earn far more money than they could ever earn in their native countries. For instance, many well-qualified Indian people today migrate to Canada with the aim of improving their career prospects. However, I believe this advantage brings a significant negative impact on the economy of countries from where the efficient workforce is moving to other parts of the world in search of a successful career.

The potential disadvantage of this development is that the distance between people would increase drastically. That is to say, people would not prefer to meet their families and friends in-person as they have access to the high-speed internet and many communication applications, such as Facebook or Skype. For example, a recent survey has revealed that about 65% of Indian working people communicate with their closed ones mainly through online media rather than face-to-face meetings. In my view, the prime danger of this drawback is that it will develop isolated societies and thus will cause many negative social consequences.

In conclusion, while competent individuals can improve their career aspects due to innovations in technologies and transportation systems, I believe that this advantage is clearly outweighed by the critical disadvantage of the rise in the physical and emotional distances between people in the world.

It is thought that books, radio, and television are the most significant medium of communicating information in the past and for the current time as well. I, however, prefer mostly TV is the best choice of communication's tools because of its some distinguish features compared to the other two sources of information.

In conclusion, may we had no reasons to deny the importance of any information getting tools but I, personally consider TV is something, especially moving pictures which makes it different from others.

Small correction to my conclusion...

It is thought that books, radio, and television are the most significant medium of communicating information in the past and for the current time as well. I, however, prefer mostly TV is the best choice of communication's tools because of its some distinguish features compared to the other two sources of information.

In conclusion, may we had no reasons to deny the importance of any information getting tools but I, personally consider TV is something more significant, especially for moving pictures which makes it different from others.

A local magazine editor has asked for readers opinion. Write a letter to the magazine editor;
-describe what made you choose this magazine
-why do you like and dislike about it
-what improvements do you want to see

Dear John
I am writing to share my views about your magazine called Science Direct.

I first came to know about your magazine when I was pursuing post-graduate studies in 2010. One of my teachers recommended me to refer the August issue of 2009 of your magazine for my thesis work, and since then I have been reading your magazine regularly.

The thing which really impresses me about your magazine is the publication of the latest research studies in the medical field, and I frequently use these study details in my work. However, I noted multiple typographical errors in many articles which is misleading, and thus readers, particularly researchers, cannot fully rely on the study data even though they are essential for their studies.

I would like to suggest you to ask the authors of research articles to assess their information thoroughly before giving them for the publication. Also, the appearance and the design of your magazine can also be upgraded as it looks old-fashioned and less interesting to me as a regular reader.

I hope you will find my opinion about your magazine helpful.

Yours’ sincerely,
Vishal Oza

Nice blog for improving writing skills in IELTS.

It's really helpful for us to improve us.











The graphs show that for some 'ergative' verbs, the passive gerund is less commonly used.


Re: "I would like to suggest you to ask"

"Suggest" is never followed by a personal pronoun as an object, nor by an infinitive.

May I suggest that you always follow 'suggest' with 'that'? This will automatically fix the grammar. Make sure you do this in speaking too.

-> May I suggest that you ask the authors ...

Different types of medium have their own benefits and drawbacks based on their own features for communication of information. I believe that television is the most effective medium when providing news stories.

In conclusion, I would argue that television works the most effectively for communicating information.

Can I ask a question? Why it is 'visual element' instead of 'visual elements' in the 2nd paragraph of Simon's example?


The other elements might include the audio element, the narrative, news, social, and phone-in elements, the time element, the advertising element, and so forth.

Thanks Oleg for the great advice!


What are "anti-social societies" ?


"would not prefer to meet their families and friends in-person": or would not be able to ...?

"their closed ones " -> close



hi simon. can i ask something?
In task two, one example is sufficient or we need to give two examples?

Kindly do reply.
Thankyou in anticipation.


1) The Task 2 instructions are to "include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience". Note that 'examples' is plural: the instructions do not simply call for "an example" or "one example".

2) The marking criteria refer to "relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas", where 'support' presumably includes providing relevant examples.

3) In my view, the key is to make sure any example used is both relevant, and clearly linked to the argument. Consider whether it would be helpful to follow each example with an extra sentence highlighting the relevance to the point being made.

4) Better one relevant example, with an explanation of how this proves your case, than two irrelevant examples and no linkage. Try planning your essay around the examples you have (even if it means changing your viewpoint).

Just my thoughts.


For example, after Simon's sentence
"For example, we can watch events as they take place on the other side of the world, or we can see the body language of a politician who is being interviewed", we could add: This demonstrates that television with its visuals is more objective than a radio reporter, and we can make our own judgments accordingly, a big plus point.
[This links the example back to the main topic.]

It is true that the media plays a major role in communications in recent years. Although there are some drawbacks through the media, I believe that there are far more benefits with regard to books, radio and television respectively.

In conclusion, white I recognise the negative effects of the mass media, I believe that the positive aspects outweigh them in the long term.

Media are the way people could get lots of communicating information. There are many different types of media such as comics, books, radio, television, film and theatre. This essay will attempt to illustrate three majority types of media: books, radio and television which people use today.

In conclusion, people receive the communicating information from media such as book, Radio and television and so on. Books are considered to be reliable sources of information. Radio is the medium for catching up-to-date information. Finally, television is the most effective medium that we can watch events that happened around the world.

People use different means such as books, radio and television for communication purposes. This essay will discuss each of their advantages and disadvantages and conclude that the best way to communicate is through television.

In conclusion, books, radio and TV all have their own share of audience. Personally, I believe TV is more effective because of its vivid images and the capability of reaching audience worldwide.

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