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Friday, April 05, 2019


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Understand all this but producing on my own is huge challenge.

Simon sir,I think answer for question number 3 is not so much clear for me.
in my opinion, answer would be something like this : one of the main reasons might be busy schedule .Another may be family commitment.

Sir why IELTS dificult. 5 or 5,5 is enough because when in country we can learn English easy through usage. Kids learn faster exposed to language.

Some parts of IELTS are easier and some more difficult. This is most noticeable in the listening, where the first part is often relatively easy. The last ten questions are more difficult so that examiners can distinguish Band 9 candidates from Band 8.


To succeed in the speaking exam you will have to think in English. To train your mind for this, try to create an English environment as best you can. Perhaps spend a whole weekend reading English, listening to English, and if possible speaking English. Train like a sportsperson or professional footballer.

Where are you from @Viashaal

I'm from Planet Earth, and there's no @ before my name. Why don't you introduce yourself first?

thank you ,Mr Simon,
Your answers are clear and natural,
I need more practice.

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