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Monday, April 29, 2019


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yes sir but sometimes not order in summary completion and even diagram completion.

Also I forgot to mention this I think sir you have posted this advise before too.

For me, "Which paragraph contains the information" is the most difficult type of question. A guy suggested to me that when I face this kind of question, I had better read the whole passage before or after assessing the question. However, I did not follow try this method because I thought that goes through the entire passage could be a waste of time. So I generally answer this particular question at the end and do not correct them all. Is there any comfortable way?

Thank you, sir

Hello Simon,

Hope you are well.
I want to know about writing task 2 is there any concept of band 9 ideas.? I mean to say can we get higher bands with any relevant ideas with appropriate cohesion, coherence, grammar and vocabulary.?or the
Band 9 ideas have different description.?

Thanks .


Here are some earlier comments from Mr SJM:

(Re Task 1): "The difference between a 7 and 8 is sometimes seen in the 'amount' of information. An 8 level Task Achievement might include more comparisons, for example, or might be able to show a greater interpretation of the data. A 7 would probably state more numbers directly (eg: 73) whereas an 8 would be more descriptive (eg: almost three quarters). The difference between an 8 and 9 is usually more language based - a 9 has no vocabulary or grammar errors, so they are able to be more precise with the data because they have a stronger ability with vocabulary. (eg: the figure rose more modestly).

From an examiner's point of view, you only award a 9 for TA to people whose vocabulary and grammatical accuracy is in the 8 to 9 range. This is because people at the 6 or 7 level are making errors in these areas and that makes their description of the data less clear.

So my answer to your question is to improve your vocabulary and grammar scores to the 8/9 level first."


Re Task 2: "Some parts of essay examining are subjective, but examiners today are checked much more than previously, so scoring is far more consistent. Also, the vocabulary and grammar scores are not really subjective - if you write an essay with vocabulary like Simon's with no spelling errors, you will receive a 9 [for vocabulary], and if you can write [over 250] words of natural English with no grammar errors you will receive a 9 for grammar. Also, you will receive a 9 for CC because the linking is perfect. The only score that is 'subjective' is the TR score. Overall it is very hard to see this essay being given anything below an 8.5, and even that would be an error."


The criteria for Band 9 Task Response are:
* fully addresses all parts of the task
* presents a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully
extended and well supported ideas.

There are no 'correct' or special 'Band 9' ideas: it is all about being able to put your ideas across clearly and logically with appropriate support. It does not matter whether the examiner agrees with your viewpoint or not: only that your views are well-argued and developed. You may argue that the Earth is flat, or that the Americans did not land on the moon; what matters though is the strength of your argument and the evidence, knowledge or personal experience that can be brought to bear.

Thanks a lot zsofi..valuable information

Hi sir,
I usually go through all the questions before reading the passage. But it's diffi ult for me to memorize all the keywords in the questions before reading the passage. Is this the correct method to follow?

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