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Monday, April 01, 2019


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Sir, reading is one of four difficult task from IELTS, if you can give advice to improve more, it's good sir, thank you sir

Yes sir. Many students confuse about what to do first when comes to reading passage either read first passage or read question first.Let me put my view , firstly I myself read whole passage and then read questions a few years ago but now I am doing just opposite of it meaning that I see the titles , sub titles ,visualise if there is picture , illustrations,Bold , italics and predict the content of the passage .Then go to questions.Finding the structure of the text is easy to find the answer in the passage whether it is chronological order or theoretical system ( based on research and evidence), cause and effect,problem solution , advantage and disadvantage, any Capital letters , date and name.Skimming and scanning only helps WHERE the answer is but doesn't tell WHAT the answer is .


Don't be disheartened. Some of those who had similar problems, who had started IELTS in their 20s went on to successfully pass their exams in their late 40s, and now live in comfort, some in elders' homes, after migrating;

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