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Monday, April 08, 2019


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Sir, very useful sir. can you please give something to us similar in Listening activity also? Much apreciate sir.

First comment is not by me. I am being impersonating someone.

Very surprising to see the two comments posted in the name of 'me' Pachu is this hack or something else?I have no idea.please, if you have any idea please share it.

You can simply start using a new name or not comment at all. If you react to trolls, it will only get worse.

Hi Simon,
If you can also show us how Band 5.5/6 sentences (taken perhaps from authentic student answers) differ from Band 7 or above sentences, it would be trully helpful. Thanks!

Thanks Raju.
I have faced such problem at first time.

Hello Simon,

I am not sure ıf I leave my question on the correct place. However, I have a huge problem. I am a GT IELTS test taker and I cannot invent a story for task 1 in a short time. It is hard to explain for me. The same applies to speaking part 2.

What should I do ? Do you have any suggestion?

By the way, Best of luck with your new project. I am sure you will make a great success of it.


The only answer to this problem is practice! You WILL only get better at inventing things if you practise inventing things. Just let your mind wander, and note down any ideas that you have.

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