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Sunday, April 14, 2019


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Well, one should always focus on answering the question completely and using appropriate vocabulary and grammar rather than forcing 'high level' linking words or collocations. Is that it ?

I’m focusing to improve these skills: scanning key words (reading), focusing to understand the whole performance (listening), less spelling mistakes (writing), less hesitant (speaking)

My aim is to improve my IELTS writing. I keep getting 6 but need at least 7 in writing. I am good in other skills. I can easily get 7 in those areas without any preparation , but struggling in writing.

Dear Sir,

My aim is to improve my writing and reading skills.

I'm trying flat out to expand my ideas about
different subjects and learn relevant vocabularies.

Now my aim is to improve my speaking and I am trying my best to achieve it. Some habits I think very helpful in order to enhance speaking are

1. If we don't have a partner to talk in front of the mirror or record your voice and then listen to your voice again for corrections.

2. Play a movie and read subtitles loudly at a certain level of speed. If you cannot get that speed, you may pause every time and then read loudly with proper pronunciation. I mean this one of the effective methods in order to improve one's speaking.

3. Read as much as you can.

Dear Simon,

My aim is to improve the writing. I am quite good in other areas but struggling with writing. I am stuck at 6 and desperately preparing for 7.when I try to write an essay and compare it with simon’s writing. My ideas seem to me scattered and shallow. Please give us lessons on.

I have a question that how do we know that which task is the real problem.?if we stuck on band 6.


Sir, it is right.Many students of us spent about a decade not passing the IELTS exam.I think there are many reasons. The primary reason is lack of focus due to different situations.Another reason is not acting in proper direction.For example, not getting good advice from the teachers and watching a lot of English stuffs which is not needed in IELTS .May be politics,TV shows like sitcoms, films songs.Furthermore, improving basic English rather than working on method or technique and practice them.Therefore, I am going to set my goal on every day to practice only methods of each module and not watching tips and tricks video for about one month because I have decided to take my exam in next month.Perhaps, it will be tough to manage time however,I try my best to stick around what I have promised to do.The plan will be: listening and reading are prepared based on question types .They may be done on the section wise also.With regards to writing , collect all types of questions in one place and practice them on the basis of categories or types. Prepare speaking test by understanding the different aims of different parts.Part 1 for Fluency, part 2 vocabulary and part 3 ideas, explain and example.Also, prepare common speaking topics and recent topics for IELTS.

I think I will focus on topic vocabulary and especially on collocations. The second goal is to learn how to develop ideas. I hope I will be able to cover wide range of different topics.

I think the primary purpose of learning English or taking IELTS is to get familiar with it and use it, not serve it.

Hi Simon,

My main aim is to become an effective communicator (in writing as well as speaking).

essay level: build a structually sound essay
paragraph level: develop main ideas of each paragraph
sentence level: write grammatically correct sentences and use correct words and phrases

In every tasks my aims are:
To use simple but effective structure
To use right topic vocabulary
To focus on some best main ideas, features


Tip 1: make your aims very specific.

For example, "I want to improve my writing" is too general.

More specific, and better, would be something like: "I want to improve the 'topic vocabulary' in my essays". This aim is more focused, and you can easily work on it by highlighting the topic vocabulary that you've used.

Tip 2: experiment with aims that are less typical.

For example, most students want to improve grammar or vocabulary. How about choosing a less typical aim, like "I want to improve the coherence of my main paragraphs, without relying on linking words"?

Ok sir,
1. Do once listening only for date, number and place.
2 Analyse critically to know the organisation of the text in the reading.
3.1 min challenge for speaking topic every day and improve fluency.
4.Generate ideas and improve lexical resource on specific writing task 2 topics.

Hello, Simon.

This is Guillermo, and I'm writing in from Colombia. I came across your blog looking for help to improve my essay writing skills. Mostly, I've tried anylizing and creating scenarios where I can replicate some of the essays you have posted.

My aims are:
- 1st: Balancing the use of simple grammar, but have a rich content in my sentence.

- 2nd: I want to link ideas without overusing linking words.

- 3rd: Having a tip or technique for word count, to make sure I have enough words on my essay.

I hope you can help me out with these aims. Any response is greatly appreaciated

Those are good aims Guillermo. I think my blog lessons will help you to achieve them.

Regarding word count, I'd advise you to start by practising the 13-sentence essay structure that I describe here:


Analyse my essays with this structure in mind, and do your best to copy the way I write. Good luck!

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