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Sunday, March 10, 2019


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Thank you so much for your kindness, Simon. Hopefully, you can make more and more useful videos.

Hi, Simon, thanks very much for your daily blogs and helpful videos, which have helped me pass the IELTS test. Before that, I was struggling with my writing but it improved a little because I did in the wrong way. Now I feel very lucky that I have met this website and found the right way to the desired score.

Sir, please give more excellent lessons for IELTS because you have tons of knowledge and easy method to teach IELTS. No one can do this .your lessons are very useful to us.Make this blog always number 1 choice of the students.

Totally agree with Mr.Simon and students upstairs. This is the best blog I've ever seen, in which it closely relate to IELTS preparation. Most importantly,Mr. Simon always encourage us to go further on the way to our desired goal.Follow his instruction and do daily exercise, eventually you can get it done. Thanks for Simon's blog for us all IELTS candidates.

Dear Simon,
You always note that having a real teacher is the best. However, I don't agree with your opinion. There are a lot of IELTS teachers in my country but they are not qualified ones. Many of them think that they teach the right methods and the best way of the language. As a result, most students fail in writing and speaking in IELTS. So I believe that your blog is the best tutor and online blog that is helpful for every student.

There is nothing bigger and crucial than these words Sir Simon said. We should definitely follow his guidelines. I say 100% useful blog on the Internet.

I have been following this blog for almost six years! And I just want to say thank you for all work! Thank you very much, Simon!

Hi Simon,
I've been following your blogs since 2015 as I found them really useful in improving my general English. Could you please explain how one can improve English Grammar and Vocabulary?


@ Vishal

For me the best way learn and improve English Grammar and Vocabulary is total immersion methodology. In layman's term, you have to be surrounded; be able to listen or constantly speak, or simply "live" in an English environment. But if you are unable to do so, get an English teacher.

You are saying that without a teacher it is very difficult to learn and improve the English language.
Not all students can approach tutors to help them as the tuition fee is hectic.

I saw your free videos which are very interesting. So if I buy your videos, will that help me to improve my writing to achieve a high band?

please help me with my homework. I have to write a letter of complaint: '' you have just come back from a very disappointing adventure holiday. The holiday did not correspond to the advertisement. Write a letter to the holiday company complaining about the holiday and asking for some sort of refund(about 200 words)


There are two elements required to achieve a high band:
1) a high level of English: a wide range of topic vocabulary and phrases, a sound knowledge of grammar, and the ability to think in English.
2) good exam technique: a sound understanding of how to approach the writing task.
Simon's videos will help you with the second element.

Thanks for your positive comments guys!

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