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Wednesday, March 06, 2019


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Base on my experience, the confusion roots from different words/names some so-called IELTS teachers call different types of essays. For me, I just stick to what SIMON here is using.

Hi Simon!
I couldnt find a introduction for a question like 'what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing sth'in your website. how would introduction be for this type of question or is there a general rule of writing introduction for all types of questions
Thanks for your answer beforehand!

Yes sir.It is confusing type. So,answer should be distinguished from 'onion essay or
agree, disagree essay' and 'discussion + opinion essay'.

For opinion essay:
I write this way .
e.g. completely agree.
2) Explain why I believe the idea is good.
3) Explain why I disagree with the opposite view.
4) Conclusion :repeat / summarise my views.
e.g balanced opinion (partly agree)
2) Explain why I believe with the idea of one side of the argument is good.
3) Explain why I agree with the idea of the other side of the argument is good.
4) Conclusion : repeat/ summarise my views.

Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all school subjects, others think that they should focus on subjects which they do best or find interesting.
Discuss both views and your opinion.

Some argue that pupils ought to study all subjects in the school curriculum, whereas others believe that they should learn only those subjects which they like the most or allow them to perform well. While focusing on only easy subjects provides students an extra motivation to enhance academic outcomes, I think that they should concentrate on all subjects for developing essential professional skills.

Some believe that the academic performance of many teenagers will significantly improve if they are allowed to learn less difficult subjects. This is primarily because they will no longer have to suffer from the boredom of studying subjects that are truly difficult, and hence less interesting, to them. This would support them to concentrate more on their studies and achieve higher grades at school. Many Indian students, for example, achieve better academic results in science and mathematics than in history as they usually dislike or find hard to remember past events. However, I disagree with this viewpoint because such a flexible education system would cause more harm than good for most pupils.

Nevertheless, I would argue that focusing on all topics in school syllabus helps many students to grow as an efficient employee. That is to say, it is of utmost importance for every teenager to develop abilities to learn and perform well in subjects that are uneasy or boring to them as they would have to deal with similar situations in their future jobs. For instance, research studies have proved that learning arts at school is crucial for developing cognitive and imagination skills, which are essential for nearly every job in the market, even though this subject is secondary or optional for most pupils.

In conclusion, despite the fact that many students would get an extra encouragement by learning subjects that are comfortable and interesting to them, I believe that they ought to equally prioritize all subjects as this will help them to prepare for many office works.

Hi Simon,
I thought I can write opposite opinion as "counterargument". I saw this in Harvard Writing Center.
Is that OK?


It depends how you put it. For example:

It is sometimes argued that ...... but in my view this is a mistake, because ......

Dear Simon, in the last test, the topic of mine is about: children spend too much time on tv and online game, it affects their mentally development. do u agree or disagree?

I write it with 2 main point: one is that children tend to more violent, and children will stick to Sedentary lifestyle. But my point is just 5.5.

After that, i ask my teacher and she said i do not have counter argument so that i can not have more than 6. is that my main mistake?

@ Ki Ki Ki

There are a other factors affecting your score. Your teacher maybe only pointed Task Response. Base on your test question, it is all about the connection of watching TV and child's mental development. However, you mentioned Sedentary Lifestyle which I think is more related to Physical Development. Here alone your answer is already "off-topic" in a way.

As mentioned, there are still three other areas to look into. Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resources (Vocabulary), Grammar Range and Accuracy. All these can affect your score.

If still you are think you did better than what you got, feel free to ask for a re-check.

Hi Simon, for questions such as

"Is this a positive or negative development?" type can I write

Opening: "while xxx has its advantages, I believe that it will bring some drawbacks to society in the long term" for the opening

Second: One evident benefit of xxx is that xxx

Third: Despite the advantages mentioned above, I still consider this trend to be negative due to various reasons



Thanks a lot.


You may refer to these following links:




Hi, please check my introduction.

Que: Some people think that success is the best measure for Intelligence, While others think that intelligence can be measured in other ways.

Ans: Introduction

Many people sometimes have contrasting views about how a person's intelligence should be measured. While I agree that success is essential, I believe that other types of measurement are just as important.

Please correct my introduction.


Thank you so much, this really helps me a lot. Personally, I think it's easier to write both sides since we can develop more ideas. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Dear Simon,

I came across a question in the test recently saying "Should parents allow their children to do the same as their friend." Although there is no "do you" in the question, I still assume it as an opinion question because this is apparently a "Yes or No" question which I need to give my preference.

Am I understanding it right?

Thank you!


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