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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


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And I believe those who follow and use these instructions that have given by sir Simon would definitely be the best essay writer. He told us not to be confused about grammar but focus on real task instead (vocabularies and essay structures). I as an individual always follow his formulas and I think everyone does.

Dear Simon,
Hope you are doing well.
Regarding to my weaknesses in Task response and developing my ideas,I highly appreciate it if you could clarify more about.

Any advice about staying on topic for the writing task 2 essay?


Dear Simon,

In your previous post (https://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2019/01/ielts-writing-task-2-paragraph-analysis.html), I noticed that we need a reference to the original question, is this a must? Can it be in the middle of the paragraph or must it be in the end?

I presume the reference in the second paragraph of this 'choices' essay is "... this abundance of media ...". It is in the middle of a paragraph. Is this correct?

Moreover, I could not find the reference in the second paragraph of this 'choices' essay. Could you please point it out, if any?

Many thanks.

Sorry for the previous reference link, there was a typo, so it cannot be access. Here is the correct link


Thank you sir pointing out that we are writing for school teachers not university professor because we use our own ideas not research books or references.This tiny information also helps us.

Hi Simon, I have a question which has confused me for a while.
When writing body paragraphs, I am suggested not to use the 'Firstly/Secondly/Finally'-pattern, because it is just a way of listing different ideas and this pattern may not help to fully support and develop the central topic.
How do you think about it? I will really really appreciate if you could give me a reply.


One of the criteria for Band 7 (Coherence and Cohesion) is "presents a clear central topic within each paragraph".

One good approach to developing the central topic is to answer the question "why do I believe this?".

Focus on answering the question rather than around one pre-selected framework.

Please verify the introduction..

Many people are choosing to find information online rather than in books. Is this development positive or negative?
Most of the people have started increasing the use of technology instead of books to search for the required information. While this world wide web technology has also had adverse effects related to the validity of data, the advantage for outweigh the drawbacks.

In some questions I don't know whether its discussion or opinion. For instance, in task 2 of test number six book 12 (cambridge): the question asks "do the advantages of this situation outweight the disadvantages?"
It seems like it doesn't ask for my opinion at all

Ubaid Memon

'Most of the people': which people? If you mean people in general use 'most people'.

Re "the required information": again, why use a definite article here? Why not 'to search for information' ?

"validity" or accuracy ?

"the advantage" (singular) outweigh (plural) ??


It is asking for your opinion stated in terms of advantages versus disadvantages.

Raha Ramezani & angie

One way to prepare for Task 2 is simply to do a lot of reading on likely topics. For instance:


This should give some ideas to work with and the vocabulary to match.

Thank you Oleg.
I got it. No matter which pattern I'd like to use when writing body paragraphs, the best way for me to do is to focus on how to make the argument clearly and reasonably.

how can improve vocab in one months?


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