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Friday, March 29, 2019


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An intense amount! In my opinion, teachnology has profoundly affected our ways of communication; make it more accessible and affordable. For example, in the past, if we wanted to talk to our friends or family members who live in foreign country, it would be difficult to find the providers and also cost us a fortune to call them. But these days we can easily make an overseas call by mobile apps that are largely available on the Internet such as Skype, facebook messengers, and so on. And, all of these are completely free of charge.

2/ Yes, I totally think so. I imagine that there will be more technology to innovate many other aspects of our lives. For example, the way we are using and transferring money, or the use of renewable energy and so on. There are so many things that we could improve by the advance in technology.

3/I think that the main reason is unreliable. I mean, for example, the use of driverless cars, would put passengers in dangers as some study show that it may misread road signs. Another reason may be distracting; Internet allows us to access to anything and it also helps everything access to us, every day we have so many emails in our mailbox- mostly of them is for advertising purposes, and social media] constantly announce us with countless notifications.

Hi Simon,
Could you please tell me
how many minutes & sentences need to answer each question of speaking part 3 comprising explanation and examples ?
Is the speaking part 3 continuation of part 2 ?


sorry are needed

1.The way we communicate with other people has changed a lot due to technology.Nowadays, people across the world are very close to one another by using different websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype.Due to this , we save time and money.For example, today we send the message and it go within a few time to reach at the recipient as before it took a long time to receive by the receiver because of post office
2.I agree that there are still more technological innovations have to be made such as Artificial Intelligence , driver less car.We can see robots at work in every manual work in the near future .In case of transportation, high speed train are made to reach at the destination. From business perspective, online shopping would be popular.
3. One of the main reasons that some people are deciding to use less technology is due to hectic schedule .So,for work-life balance, people give less time on technology.For example, in today world people work at least 8 hours a day, seven days a week.This keeps them busy and Another reason may be family commitment.

2-there is still so much to do, especially in areas of transportation, healthcare and business.In not too distant future there would be electric cars which can fly and surgeries would be done by robots instead of physicians.The technology like Blockchain could have huge influence on business, for example,the forms of money would be changed in near future. Without technology imagination of life would be impossible.

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