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Friday, March 01, 2019


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Something to aim for:


Nither a single word nor a phrase is uncommon.

Rather, I found something really useful that Broadcast can be used as Simple Past and Past Participle.

Thanks, Sir Simon.

"I'm going to talk about "
Not again! Old-fashioned template. You'll miss the opportunity to impress the examiner.

Thank you Simon for sharing your valuable time to prepare and provide us with these fruitful materials.In other word,You always give us the best guidance to learn.I can say that we are learning IELTS from the best website.I appreciate it :-)

Hi Simon,
Firstly, many thanks to you for raising my writing score from 6.0 to 6.5. And now my question is, for SPEAKING PART, is there any audio file related to each speaking essay? Thanks for your reply.

Hi simon,
I have queries relating to speaking section of IELTS. 1. If a student wrongly understood the question and answered accordingly then will it affect his grade even if he is good at language?For example, if topic is asking him to speak about famous personality who is controversial and he speaks about a person who is famous because of his positive acts then will this affect his grade? 2. If a student doesn't understand a question can he ask examiner to clarify on it?will it affect his score?
Awaiting for your reply
Thanking you

Great structure and perfecr answer on each cue question. Many thanks to you, Simon.

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