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Monday, March 25, 2019


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That is a good idea sir I am very weak in english but I want to study aboard now I am taking there is no improvement too me.
So,I hope sir could you help me

The ideas created by sir is awesome.However, it depends on the English ability of individual.It is going to be 100 % helpful for those students whose English is good.

Hi sir, first of really thanks for giving teaps of this because this one of the hardest group in reading,but today I apply it and now happy due to getting little bit more band score🤗

Hi Simon,

About the paragraph headings questions, I always choose the answer from paragraph headings questions after I read the first paragraph. Similarly, I read the second paragraph, then I move to paragraph headings question to make a choice. I find that some of paragraphs don't correspond with any headings.(may be just 3 questions have to do, but an article has seven paragraphs), so I will hesitate for a long time if I can't choose a suitable answer(heading).
I have a problem of finishing a section within 20 min. Your tips seem to befit someone who is able to understand all sentences of articles. Because this tips need to read article more than one time. Now I just read an article one time and I have a timing problem.
Do you still suggest that I should do paragraph headings questions at last?
In addition, are there any tips that are able to read(understand) an article quickly? I read three news a day but my speed of reading still don't have obviously improve.

I have followed your blog for a month, and it's really help me a lot. Thank you so much.

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