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Monday, March 04, 2019


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Dear Simon,
Thanks for your useful advice! Every time when I test reading at home, the highest score I get is only 7. It seems quite hard for me to get a higher score. What can I do to improve it? And I just find that matching endings or headings are the most difficulty types of questions. Sad...

Ps. Does anyone wanna practice speaking with me? Then please let me know, love you!

tips 1,2,3,4,8 and 9 are the most useful for reading practice.

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot for your insightful guidance and useful tips!


thank you Simon. i find multiple choice question in listening test very hard to follow. i need a really good advice on this one. please help.

yes, i found the listening multiple choice guide last February 19, 2018 posted on this blog. thank you again.

Dear, angie




Is there any link to practice only T/F/NG and Heading matching continuously?
I would appreciate your support.

Thank You.

sir, one way to practice reading test is to ask questions like what , why and how in each paragraph.Another way is, sometimes read fast not to understanding everything.This increases fluency and sometimes read comfortable pace and pause, think and understand after reading each sentence.This builds up for comprehension skill.

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