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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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Hi Simon!
As I know, in IELTS Listening task, we should refer their answers to the answer sheet in the last 10 minutes; but in the Reading task, we should write their answers throughout the reading process, shouldn't we?
Thank you!

Dear Simon,
Can we use less instead of fewer? I mean for uncountable nouns.

Less carbon dioxide (U) and less cars (C).
Their relationship lasted less than 9 months.


'Fewer' is only used for plural nouns.

Traditional grammar would use 'less carbon dioxide and fewer cars', although, as the graph below shows, 'less cars' is also in use, so presumably also acceptable.


Hi Simon,

Someone advised that we should read the most difficult part - section 4 questions in the first break, then section 3 and 2, as section 1 is the easiest one. I feel confused about the sequence. Do you recommend this way?

Thank you very much!

Hi Simon
would you please tell me about the lenghth of breaks befor each section ad also the e middle of each section?
how i can mange it at all?
thanks in advance

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