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Tuesday, March 05, 2019


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Taking one of the books from Cambridge series,I do the first section of all four tests, and do other sections respectively. I think that this method helps to improve the listening skills for all sections in the test.

Only by listening without doing questions, we can improve speaking and become familiar with sentences of daily use and good collocation. Which we can add in speaking

Simon, how effective is watching english videos 1-2 hours a day can help in our english skills?

Sir, I have couple of points how to practice listening test.
1) Treat listening audio script as IELTS reading passage and use critical thinking like What, Why and How in each paragraph.
2) Another way is transcribing while listening or transcription exercise.Although this is very laborious and time consuming technique ,many students do not do this.It not only helps you in vocabulary but also pronunciation like stress, intonation , grammar increases.
3) Prepare based on question type.Do one type of questions in only one time.Say for example , map questions.Do all map questions actively from all Cambridge IELTS book series.This helps to build up confidence and so on.

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