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Sunday, March 24, 2019


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We regret that the 25m pool will be closed for refurbishment between 21st July and 18th August. The men's changing rooms will be closed for the week beginning 18th August, and the women's changing rooms will be closed the following week.

Men will be able to use the 25m pool on the 18th August.
How come the answers is FALSE!
Should be TRUE?

Between Saturday and Tuesday:
Saturday- Sunday-Monday- Tuesday
Sunday and Monday only
From Saturday to Tuesday -> Saturday,Sunday,Monday and Tuesday. I'm OK with this.
But, I don't know what to do when it comes to BETWEEN!
I'm also OK with till/until:
I'm on leave until Saturday--> I'll be available on Saturday? correct?
Between 23rd and 26th. Does it include 26th as well?!


"From Saturday to Tuesday" would normally suggest on all four days, and is the most common way of defining a period inclusively.

"Between Saturday and Tuesday" is less often used, and slightly ambiguous.

"closed for the week beginning 18th August" definitely indicates that the facility will be closed on the eighteenth.

See here:


thank you Kata
i have never thought about it before

Understanding is 'yes' but challenge is to "use it". Sir, can you give some ideas how to make interesting or fun for 'using' words in English.Please give method.

Changing room will be closed.
But the pool is closed between 21st to 18th!
This is my problem. I don't know if I have to consider between inclusive when it comes to dates or not.
You know what I mean! If we face such things in the reading section, It would cost us a lot.

Good day Mr Simon,great job you are doing,pls I'll like to ascertain which is the better method of writing problem-solution essays for writing test part 2 as regards to main paragraphs
1)Should the problem and it's solution be discussed in desame paragraph per problem and solution Or

2)Problems are first dicussed in separate paragraphs,then solutions to the problems are discussed in separate group of paragraphs.
Ihope I do get a response,thanks

One more question,what are line paragraphs?
Are they more helpful in the ielts academic exams?


Perhaps write to sc@examenglish.com for comment.

It is unlikely that an ambiguous phrase would be used in a real IELTS exam.





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