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Saturday, March 30, 2019


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I only follow your principles because I realized that other methods are almost the same as you sie. So I don't need to be confused about the designs and formulas which are provided by different mentors, all I know they are just trying to represent logical and relevant descriptions with their personal views and opinion whatever the style of the illustration.

a lack of / the lack of / lack of ?!


Usually either "the lack of" or "a lack of", depending on which article is needed in the context. There is also a phrase "for lack of".

Mr Simon

Could you please explain the following Band 7 marking criteria a bit more.

a) "There is clear progression throughout": does this mean the writing is coherent? What is meant by progression? What is the difference between Band 6 'clear overall progression' and Band 7? Could you provide an example please.

b) What does 'extend and support main ideas' mean? Could you also give an example of where 'supporting ideas lack focus' please.

c) For 'a variety of complex [grammar] structures', is it enough just to include subordinate clauses as and where needed?

d) What counts as a cohesive device? Just linking adverbs, or does it also include subordinating conjunctions, and referencing with "this" or "it". Does it also include paraphrasing substitutions, like 'this method' or 'this approach', or 'pupils' instead of 'students'?

e) How can we ensure a 'clear central topic within each paragraph' if we have several different points to make?


a) 'progression' refers to the organisation of ideas so that they logically build on each other. ''throughout' means in all parts of the essay. Think of this like constructing a building. You need your foundation (overall position/opinion), your arguments (reasons for your opinion) and your details (to give your reasons strength). Sometimes candidates write something and it's not clear how the argument supports the opinion, or how the example supports the argument. This means 'progression' is damaged.

Band 6 is general progression: the essay generally makes sense and we can understand how the arguments support the opinion. Band 7 and above means that all details must logically make sense and support the opinion.

b) This means provide details to support your reasons. The most common form of details are examples and consequences (explanations). Lacking focus would be trying to present an example but not being specific enough eg: 'Men, for example' - many examiners would find 'men' to be too large a group to be an example.

c) Examiners do not spend time looking at your range very much. The grammar score is most calculated by your rate of errors. Three or four subordinate clauses is more than enough for a high score - if used accurately. Remember, the high level candidates use a mixture of longer and shorter sentences.

d) All of the things your mention are cohesive devices. Again, examiners don't count them - the score is mainly affected by your accuracy and ability to use them naturally.

e) The easiest way is to always use a topic sentence.

Thank you very much Mr Sjm !

Yes sir, it is right.Many students are confused in writing task 2 from different approaches by different teachers.For example, in the question type 'to what extent do you agree or disagree'? or Do you agree or disagree question , many teachers have different styles.In another question type " discuss both views and give your opinion ". Some teacher writes opinion in intro and conclusion .They don not write in body paragraph.

More over , Yes sir, as teacher has many opinion what you think is the best methods? Sir?


Then?! A lack of/ The lack of?!
please explain how it works.


I would suggest the normal meanings and usage apply.
"There was a lack of XYZ" might be used where the reader would have no foreknowledge of the situation.
"There was the lack of XYZ" might be more often used where the reader is expected to be already familiar with the situation, and knew of the deficiency.

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