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Sunday, March 03, 2019


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Thank you sir.What does group of words" mean?Is it collocation( words that go together) or word family of synonymous? For example:Innocent/inexperienced:credulous, gullible, naive,ingenuous,novitiate,tyro. Similarly,for Criticize : aspersion, belittle,berate, calumny, castigate,decry,defamation,denounce,diatribe,disparage,excoriate,gainsay,harangue,impugn,inveigh,lambaste,obloquy,objurgate,opprobrium,pillory,remonstrate,rebuke, reprehend,reprove,revile,tirade,vituperate.Learning this way is to remember most of the words in quick time.


"Groups of words" does not mean synonyms at all. It means phrases, such as "by the way", "incredibly beautiful", "take a decision" and so on. Check out the following links:



"The difficult thing is to use words together in correct collocations and phrases. " per Mr Simon



Just GREAT idea thank you Simon. You always give insight into what to focus on and what the examiner are looking for. This is the secret why your students(including me:)) always find it easier to score high.

I saw a very useful video on this topic in ielts master lee channel in youtube ☺
I'm not advertising but it was super useful ....

Can anyone please give me a logical meaning of " Loaded Words" within one or more examples. I have read about this term but still, have some confusions.

loaded word
A word that carries additional emotional weight or significance—whether positive or negative—beyond its literal meaning.


Thanks, gioletta

I mean the words which have some significances whatsoever they could be positive or even negative.

This is an incredibly beautiful art of work from you Simon,

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