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Sunday, March 31, 2019


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slowly and steady always wins the race :)

That's exactly correct and practical. whenever I notice to this fact that every success will be achieved by small steps toward ahead, I am really in a true way.

Many of us are doing sir but actually it is not improving as per expectation.For example, I am doing everyday but I am not progressing as much.It is taking a long time to improve.

You truly motivate students with your messages like this

the very first pivotal thing is being confident! Thank you so much!

Dear Simon, thanks for your advice! I am taking IELTS this Saturday, I feel so nervous about it. I am worried about the time, which isn’t enough for me to prepare more.

Hi dear SIMON
I feel that there isnt a good IELTS teacher in my town. I have studied in some courses and what teachers say is different from what i see in your website(especially about "writing" ).That's why i am doing self-study nowadays.Do you think your lessons will be enough to get a good IELTS score or is it must to have a "private" teacher?


To improve your writing, you will need feedback and correction of some sort. Remember that the grammar score for writing is mostly based on the error rate.

The site below is free, although sometimes down: https://www.englishforums.com/English/EssayReportCompositionWriting/Forum9.htm

Thank you for the link, zsófi!

Thank you for the link,zsòfi

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