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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


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Thank you, Simon

we have too many choices in terms of :
Education perspective: many subjects/university/schools
Entertainment : many tv programs
Travel : different places, different mode of transport
Clothes : many brands
Food : different cuisines
Shopping : different places/items

I totally agree with this statement. People are flooded with choices every second in their daily lives. For instances, when people are looking at their smart phones, they can flip through various applications: social media networks, videos, games, online shopping platforms. Within each category, they are offered yet another tons of options.

Hi Simon, I am so glad to run across your website. If only I came across it earlier! I do have ideas for different topics. But my problem is that I don't know how to develop fully, which is obviously what the test strongly requires. I hope to read more of your sample essays. Thank you so much.

I feel the same way! I'll try to construct my essay in this way:
1. daily necessities: a wide variety of choices. Different brands, functions, features.
People catch up with fashions and buy too many while there are not significant differences
- waste of money and materials, some unused products go to landfill
- hesitate and time-consuming
2. paths of life
- good since we could choose our real passion
- hard to identify our real passion unless by long-term trial, but hard to persist on something while there are too many choices, tend to change frequently and not deep into anything, waster time and not achieving high accomplishments.

Please give me some advice!

Hi Simon, I am struggling to build an essay despite of having ideas. Could you please help me to receive band of 7? I am going to retake the test on 02nd of March. I have got 5.5 in writing recently.

Hi Simon, I m glad to like ur page...I face so many difficulties in writing because I don't know how to develop it...

Dear Simon,

I'd highly appreciate if you'd explain how you generate ideas, and how you choose relevant ideas for the body paragraphs, and how you decide the arrangement of ideas in individual body paragraphs.

Thanks a lot!

I'd appreciate if anyone can check and suggest corrections for my essay.

It is believed by some that people have multiple options in current times. Although I agree to a certain extent that inhabitants of urban areas have a number of alternatives for almost everything related to the luxurious lifestyle, I tend to disagree with the general meaning of this statement as, even today, many villagers are lacking the basic needs in rural areas.

Most of the city citizens now have many facilities require for a better lifestyle. In recent few years, many cities have shown significant advancements in multiple sectors, and, therefore, people residing in such areas are being benefited by an increasing number of choices for many living necessaries. For instance, most people living in metropolitan cities of India currently have different options for things like entertainment, food, leisure facilities, hospitals, and many other such amenities.

However, these arguments are quite contradictory for the people who live in the countryside. For example, many recent news articles have revealed that a number of suicides committed by Indian farmers have risen by 45% in past 5 years, and the scarcity of food and water was the main contributing factor for this occurrence. This argument clearly indicates that it would be wrong or misleading to consider all people nowadays have too many choices.

In conclusion, while I accept that most people living in metropolises have a luxury of so many options for multiple things due to a huge number of developments in last few years, I also believe that this benefit is not applicable for most of the individuals living in undeveloped areas of a country.

Hey, Mr. Simon here is my essay and I was wondering if you could take a look and provide me with some advice.

After the first technological revolution, the world has become surrounded by a number of resources, which brought about various choices for individuals to choose from. However, I do not agree with the idea that people nowadays have too many choices.

In my opinion, the thought does not fit in any kind of situation. The minorities, such as the poor, in a country are obvious examples. Due to the lack of money, poor people do not have the opportunity to decide what they want to do in everyday life. Usually, they have no choice but to work industriously for the purpose of making sufficient money to support their family, or maybe just to prevent themselves from dying from hunger. Perhaps some people would argue that the poor people can choose their work or workplace, but in most cases, not having much money results from not acquired a particular skill assisting them to find an appropriate job.

On the other hand, apart from the poor, we ourselves do not have many choices either. For example, students in Taiwan are forced to follow the government’s policy. They have to study at least 9 years at school from 7 years old, even though some of the students have already been interested in a certain vocation, or have had an ambition to achieve a particular goal. Take my cousin as an example, he was attracted by the knowledge about the outer space at the age of 6. Everyone in my family strongly supports him and looks forward to him becoming an astronaut in the future, but unfortunately, it is inevitable that he must finish the long-term school education before starting to actually investigate in astronomy.

In conclusion, although the 21st century undoubtedly provides us with dozens of resources, I would still argue that we do not have many choices.

Dear All,

anyone who appeared on 14th february IELTS General Training ?

need to know writing task 2 topic.

Thanks in advance.

Dear teachers!
Can you help me explain this paragraph that written by Mr.Simon in 2016, I'm so confusing!
- Para about "why you agree with businesses have social responsibilities."

- On the other hand, companies should not be run with the sole aim of maximising profit; they have a wider role to play in society. One social obligation that owners and managers have is to treat their employees well, rather than exploiting them. For example, they could pay a “living wage” to ensure that workers have a good quality of life. I also like the idea that businesses could use a proportion of their profits to support local charities, environmental projects or education initiatives. Finally, instead of trying to minimise their tax payments by using accounting loopholes, I believe that company bosses should be happy to contribute to society through the tax system.

- I think this para suppose to explain WHAT social responsibilities that companies have as Simon listed three obligations, it did not answer why?
I also see the same structure when I studied the essay about " live with or prevent climate changes"

Sorry to post this unrelated question here.

It is often argue that at the present there are various alternatives to choose among them in comparison with the past. I completely agree with this idea, and in this essay I will discuss that nowadays there are many jobs and hobbies.
We can easily see that we have many areas in field of work. New fields are found these days because of the increasing of developments in technology. To give an illustration, electronics and communication industries are usually the most significant work that attract the majority of youths more than the others areas of work. For example, we can find that students tend to study about phones, computers, TVs, and robots, as they think that these industries are the future job for brilliant life. As a result, people can do what they prefer and interest from many available jobs.

Another thing that we can see that by passing the time becomes differently and variously is hobby. The popular hobbies are changed, due to the development of technology, following the newest fashion and trants. I think that we do what we like as everything is available for us. For me, sometimes Following the newest fashion is really excited and interested, and also I have my papular hobby which is chess, and my friends and I are really enjoying playing. So it is great that we have many thing to spend our leisure time.

To sum up, I personally believe that today many alternatives are found to choose, the best examples for that are the work and hobby.

@ DAn

In this context I take "social responsibilities" to mean obligations above and beyond strict legal and regulatory requirements. This might mean arguing that "local charities, environmental projects or education initiatives" serve the best interests of the donor business by promoting a good image. Similarly, paying a living wage, and not being seen as tax-dodgers would also be acting out of self-interest in terms of attracting ethical investors.

Another argument might be that a company board is free to set whatever goals it wishes; there is no actual obligation to focus narrowly on the value of shares or return on investment.

It is difficult to fully develop and extend all these arguments in the time and space available in an IELTS essay. To me, it seems better to choose relevant examples and imply the argument. It is also much easier to write about concrete examples clearly, as opposed to a long abstract argument.

@ Oleg
Thank you for your response!
So that means in exam condition, it would be fine if we list specific responsibilities to demonstrate businesses have social responsibilities.
Similarly, list specific measures to prevent climate change to illustrate why we should stop climate change.





I understand it now! I really appreciate your help!

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