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Thursday, February 21, 2019


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Thank you sir.Analysis part of task one is quite difficult.It is time consuming.Many marks suffer due to this task 1.So, it is wise to practice a set of different questions as per Simon sir's idea.Sir,can you give some ideas of better planning of these task before writing?

Thanks, Simon

I have been conducting this useful and effective method since the beginning of December and I confess, my writing now has its better than before. I had as many as 15 task 2 and 20 more task 1 of different issues. I started writing the Introduction then overview( task 1) and later detail description( task 1), Body Paras( task 20), eventually conclusion of Task 2. I think it's a very genuine way to improve writing. Needless to say, keep reading varieties of topics on your interests because Reading will help you not for only reading, it is so far useful for writing too.

Hi simon
Could u pls give such structure for general writing task 1
I would be aprreciated for that

such as superb tips.

hi sir could u pls gve idea about general w-1 am egarly waiting that because am gt canidt plss

Hello Simon,

I am incredibly grateful for your advices. You are genious. Could you please give studying methods IELTS GT writing Task 1 and Task 2 ?

Thank you in advance

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