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Thursday, February 14, 2019


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1) pie chart always show %.Pie chart can be given in % and numbers.
2)Yes pie charts can be used for comparing among similar items , country/city/regions and date
3) pie charts are dynamic or statics (fixed time).If they are no time period, we just compare.If there is change over time then we can use the language of line like increase or decrease.
4) Generally if there is no time period , we use present tense .If there is past tense , we use past tense verb and if future then we use future tense verb.

1. comparison of the proportions
2. yes
3. yes it does when a period has given and when the gander is mention. for example, performances on tasks.
4. basically present and present perfect, but if time is given then we can you past form of the verb.

As per my understanding
Pie charts are used to represent proportion of different items attributed to single category (Ex. proportion of different pulses production in one country.
Pie charts can be used for comparison and to get and idea for changes with respect to time frame or other variable.

Usually, Usage of tense is based on situation or scenario presented in chart. If there is time frame of past years we need to use past tense verbs.

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