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February 22, 2019


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It depends on person to person .Some people do the job they enjoy and some others do for earning money .But I personally prefer to do that kind of job that satisfies me regardless of the salary what I get.if the work is easy and enjoyable then a lot of work is done.For me , money is not so valuable it is just for survival.However, for others, money is everything.If money is not considered then no one can ask for any kind of help.Hence money denotes the status in the society.

It depends how we get the job.Many people prefer job for enhance their capability, many people has lot of responsibility thats why they prefer the job. But now a days money plays a crucial roll every persons life. However it can be well salary job or low salay but the most vital thing is that job circumastance is more important than money.If we get high selary job but their circumastans not suitable to work or move to forward how we carry the job in that sick environment.

Personally, I rather have a job that I love than a job that pays more money but are not happy with it. When you love the job, everything come easy. Waking up in the morning would not be so difficult. People were inspired to do things. But, salary is also of equal importance to me. People cannot be happier in an environment that they love when they are not comfortable enough to earn money to pay for the bills, food and some leisure time you could have with family and friends. So for me, a balance of this two is crucial in life.

To me, doing what I passionate about is more important than a job with higher salary. This is not to say money is not important to me as I know that more money I posses more convenient life I will have. The point here is that I believe in the power of passion. By pursuing what I love, success and money will follow me later or sooner.


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