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Friday, February 01, 2019


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1)Frankly speaking, I have quite mixed feelings, on the on hand, of course, life only begins and I'm full of energy, chilling out and fooling around with my friends, but on the other hand all the pressure that comes from loved once and necessity of entering university just destroy me. (I'm 18)
2)I cannot say so, as being a child, I tend to spent quite a lot of time on playing various games and watching cartoons without second thoughts, as childhood is the most innocent period of our time.
3)Definitely yes, I used to have a penchant for playing games, both in childhood and while being a teenager, however now, I'm completely another person, with another habits and hobbies
4)I cannot tell you exactly, I am not in favour of predicting, but I suppose, I will aquire job and family, I feel that there, in the future, will be something that will change my life, but now I cannot know it.

1. I don't think that I'm quite happy nowadays because I get much busy with my ongoing life and I have to carry out so many responsibilities. In fact, I am the youngest member of my family, I got much love and care when I was a little boy I mean had plenty of demands which were fulfilled by my parents and my siblings. However, now I have to do everything by myself, that's why I am not actually fully satisfied with my life now.

2. Not really, I wasn't very much conscious about my future when I was a little child. Rather, I was busy with other children and shared my toys to make interesting structures. I used to go to my school to play with my classmates and made plans for the next days. In addition, I spent much time watching cartoons and toy shows on Television even nobody allowed to watch TV for a single minute. Sometimes I was curious about how people fly in the sky and how they climb mountains and I thought one day I would do it.

3. Yeah, I think I am changing day by day as I am getting older. for example, years ago I was I was quite extrovert and so much humble but now I feel that I become a little bit calm and unresponsive in some aspects. Actually, I like to listen and read and much than making answers.

4. I an undergraduate and I am living in Bangladesh right now. I had a plan to study a double muster in Canada in Economics. Therefore, I am preparing for IELTS which is a major requirement for abroad study. If I could make a better score, I would definitely reside in Canada.

1.Well, to be perfectly honest I do not feel the age I am now. I feel myself younger amongst others. However, I try not to show this as it reduces my confidence if I show it.
2. Yes. When I was a child I always thought or dreamed my life very bus and I used to see my future as a doctor who has a pink car. Right now I have the very busy life and a car but not pink colour and the only thing that does not match with my dreams is my profession.)
3. Sure. When I was a child or younger I was very shy and not confident enough even to express my feelings and thoughts. However, now I improved my confidence well enough even to present trainings. Eventually, many things changed from my childhood.
4. Well, sometimes what you plan does not mean what you will face. I plan to improve myself in my job and get better score in IELTS as well in order to plan ahead more realistically.

1)Yes, I am very happy of my age as I am 37 years now because I have experienced a lot of ups and downs of my life.Last month, I celebrated my birthday among friends and families that gave more happiness in my life.
2)No, when I was 7 years old,I only used to play volleyball and go to school .However, when I became 15 years old I stated to think about my future career what subjects and how should study well.
3) Yes, I have changed a lot when I became older.Due to different situations, my thoughts and habits were changed.Some bad habits were left and some new habits and ideas were adapted.As I said before , I am now vegetarian because I think animals are the same as humans.
4)I believe I will pass my IELTS exam and go for abroad study to make my career..This will give me an opportunity to achieve my goal and earn money.In this way , this makes the difference from the present condition.

Official IELTS Practice Materials Vol 1

One hour for lunch and _______ coffee breaks.

with an hour for lunch and 15 minute coffee breaks.

What I hear is also 15 minute, but I was wondering why it's not 15-minute coffee breaks.

by the way is this sentence correct?
... and 15 minutes break.
it was really tricky!

1. Are you happy to be the age you are now?
I am quite enjoying with my experiences at my age now, but, to be honest, it is sometimes a bit inconvenience when it comes to find a job.
2. When you were a child, did you think a lot about your future?
Actually no, because I am the youngest one in my family, I just played and played with toys and went to school. That said, being afraid of losing my mother sometime really made me upset and worried a lot.
3. Do you think you have changed as you have got older?
This is my case, actually. When I was young, I thought if I earned money a lot I could make myself happy by buying my favorite stuffs. But, now at my age, I want to look for a job which helps other persons to overcome their difficulties.
4. What will be different about your life in future?
Definitely that will be a huge difference because I want to change my pathway from economic to be a speech therapist in order to help children who suffering autism can speak as other normal children.

Plz check my answer, tks!

1)Yes, I am quite satisfied about the life I have now. I am 30 years old having a well-paid job. I am married with a beautiful girl and we love each other very much. Now we have a 2 years old baby girl, who brings unimaginable joy and fun to my life.

2)Yeah, I remember back when I was a child, the teachers often asked us to write down our dreams about the future. I used to hope that I could be an astronaut or a scientist in the future, who can explore the secrets of the universe or meet some aliens if luky enough.

3)Absolutely. As time go by, I know much more about the world and the society by learning and reading, so I could view things from different angles and with deep insight. And I also understand myself better though all the experiences I have.

4)As science technology develops so fast nowadays, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, ect, there will be a lot of changes that gonna happen in my life. I believe it will become more convenient and smarter in the futre. Can't wait to embrace all the unknown.

1. i'm quite happy at my age, cause the number of 25 is not too young and it's not too old, which means i can be the young men or old men whenever i want.
sometimes i used to think about the future. which job will i get or who will be the one or even who will be my best friends. as a result i did my behavior with ideas about what should i do to get those.
not much. some people said i can change my bad words and behaviors made by getting older. but frankly it is really hard for the people to change things cause this is the old habit. we need pretty big dicesion to change that.
after this test i'll get the IELTS point. it proves my English level to apply for the company. for the future i'll get the job that i want and it makes me big money.

Of course i am happy at the age i am now, it has not been easy to reach this far, although, there are ups and downs, but it has been a smooth transition.
Actually no, i didn't have a lot of thought about my future,i don't know much about it and i was only thinking in a way of little child.
Exactly, so many changes has taken place in my life. I have passed through various experience, i have acquire some knowledge and ideas and also obtain my career. I behave in a mature people's way.
I think some of the things are doing now, i will not be needing them. I will aspire to acquire more knowledge, ideas, new skills and career.

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