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Friday, February 08, 2019


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Dear Simon,
What's the grammar behind 'the', 'a' and no article in these cases?

go to the gym.
go to the doctor.
go to church.
go to the bathroom.
go to a bar.
go to prison.

here's my answers for these questions. i'd love to hear your comments on this. thank you in advance.

1) Are you happy to be the age you are now?
Thats an intriguing question to ask. Uhm i have to say that this time in life is a little hard for me. u know i have to ponder my decisions about future such as which university I will apply to, what my major will be, how i want my career to be like,... all that kind of stuff.

2) When you were a child, did you think a lot about your future?
No, not that i remember. back in the day, i used to be so innocent and i might just enjoy playing and studying.

3) Do you think you have changed as you have got older?
Yes, as i grow, there are more and more challenges i have to face. as a result, i think i’ve become a bit more mature.

4) What will be different about your life in the future?
in the near future, i will be studying in one of the universities in Australia, staying far from home, live independently. i hope that i will be more strong to deal with the future problems on my own.



"Go to church" is about attending a church service.
"Go to the church" would mean the building itself.
"Go to a church" implies there are several churches to choose from, and any one will do.

The others follow this general pattern.


excuse me ,Mr simon, could you put your recording on IELTS speaking?

1. i'm quite happy at my age, cause the number of 25 is not too young and it's not too old, which means i can be the young men or old men whenever i want.
sometimes i used to think about the future. which job will i get or who will be the one or even who will be my best friends. as a result i did my behavior with ideas about what should i do to get those.
not much. some people said i can change my bad words and behaviors made by getting older. but frankly it is really hard for the people to change things cause this is the old habit. we need pretty big dicesion to change that.
after this test i'll get the IELTS point. it proves my English level to apply for the company. for the future i'll get the job that i want and it makes me big money.

1 well I am really happy at young age because of having free life but little bit sad because this is very complicated stage

2 when I was in my childhood stage I was not much worry about the future the reason behind that not I was in stage of maturity

3 yes, I have changed now . For instance, at present I become panchual as well be mature

I felt a little melancholic after reading this ... :)

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