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Monday, February 11, 2019


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Yes sir, I have used these words in my sentences except 'to herald'.I have never used herald as a verb in my life.Looking into these words, they seem to be easy but when it comes to in reading passage it is very difficult to identify its synonymous.Sir, I have one question,you have made a lot of keywords tables but can these words are repeated in other reading passages with the same paraphrased words? if yes, then it is better to go through carefully and practice them because I have not given too much pay attention in the the keywords that is in this website.Thanks sir.

Dear Simon,

I found this question in IELTS CAMBRIDGE 12 (GENERAL)
Test 7:

We have tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge where participants can keep their sandwiches.
Question 11)

Snacks are provided for participants on the maintenance training courses (T, F , NG)

..and surprisingly the answer is FALSE !!
why it's not NG ? there's a fridge where people can keep their sandwiches! Who knows how the got their sandwiches?
I can bring my own sandwiches and still and still get more food if it's provided.

Reading Problems!

my prior performance of reading ranged (17-26/27) and I took my final 18th of August last year. Eventually, I got 6.5 in reading. And I started my second attempt form November. I sm doing the mock test for months, however, my condition regarding reading still static. There some habits I cannot eliminate yet

1. I give most of my time in the first two passages so that I get only ten minutes for the task completion( I mean passage 3)

2. I know some answers are 100% correct event I found them but still have the confusion. I don't know why.

3. I know the spellings of some words that have already given in the passage, but I go to the passage again to make it sure the spelling is true. For example, voyage. It kills my time.

4. I have to read passages for more than 2 times to be sure about matching headings, no shortcut is working well.

5. I skipped MCQs and Which line contains which paragraph because to make the answers I have read almost all paras.

6. My reading speed far better than before, however, my overall performance is still the same.

Hi ...im also going through the same....:(
Please can u share from wer ur studying the material.. I don't have any material...any links or sites...

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