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Sunday, February 03, 2019


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Hello Dear Simon,
Can we use direct question in formal letters?

Dear Simon,

is it work environment or working environment?

Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest of our lives, while others believe that adult life brings more happiness.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People seem to have different views about the most pleasurable time of human life. While some think that childhood is the significantly enjoyable period of people’s lives, I would argue that a greater number of individuals, who have many personal and professional duties, feel true happiness in their adult lives.

It is often argued by some that adolescent time is happier than adult years because they might keep an opinion that most children do not need to carry the burden of multiple family responsibilities on their own shoulders. That is to say, no parents ever expect from their child to earn money to manage household expenses and instead they allow them to enjoy maximally with their peers or siblings. This could further be exemplified by looking at about 90% of Indian families in which juveniles are not expected by their mothers and fathers to do any kind of job for the sake of earning money.

Despite the above arguments, I firmly support an idea that the life of adult individuals is more fulfilling as they could frequently feel a deep sense of satisfaction by providing basic needs, such as food, clothes, and shelter, to their families. Being breadwinner of the family, most fathers or even mothers often get recognition as a respectable member of the family, and as a result, they could feel real happiness in their heart. For example, most fathers have to work hard for raising their child, but I doubt whether they would ever feel frustration for carrying this obligation or putting themselves out of their comfort zones.

In conclusion, although teenage years are happy times of people’s lives, I think they would feel the deepest pleasure by providing living needs to their parents, spouse, and child in the adult years.

Dear Simon,
I found these two paragraphs from your writings.
can I change case (A) to:

1) ........, AND MAKES curriculum design an easier task.

2) ........, BY MAKING curriculum design an easier task.

(A) Finally, an emphasis on national literature and history gives educators a narrower teaching scope, making curriculum design an easier task.
And in for case B, can I rewrite it like this:
.......... , FINDING it inherently fascinating and absorbing.

(B) On the contrary, they are passionate about a game that has existed for hundreds of years, and they find it inherently fascinating and absorbing.

AND IT MAKES curriculum design an easier task.

I forgot IT!


"making curriculum design an easier task" really means "which makes..."

"and (it) makes" is correct, but has a slightly different meaning ('and' instead of 'which').

"by making" is also grammatically possible, but this changes the relationship between the two parts of the sentence.

Yes, "finding..." is fine!

Thank you sir, much appreciated!

Yeah, I understood the problem with 'by making'

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you in reference to the job application of Sara Yadav which has been shortlisted by your company for the position of lead automobile designer. Sara and i work for Fere Automobiles and share the same role in the designing team.
Sara is a meticulous worker when it comes to designing and technical estimation. Additionally, her contribution for accomplishing challenging and crucial tasks is immensely resourceful, this certainly distinguishes her from rest of the team members. Sara's working capabilities and knowledge extends to the experience she has in this particular field. The expertise that she exhibits goes in line to the Masters degree she have achieved from reputed Havard University.
I would recommend Sara for the current position for which she has been shortlisted. The most crucial reason being, the electronic automobile designing which is your organisation's upcoming and highly ambitious project is very much in simulation with the projects that has been handled by Sara. Moreover, she possess the kind of team management skills which is prerequisite for selection of candidate.
I am affirmed that her candidature will be an extremely valuable addition in your team.
Ankita Yadav

Dear simon
Pls write more general writing and explain different types of models
Thanks alot

It seems the teacher is a female.

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