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Saturday, February 23, 2019


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i think this advice concern not only about the IELTS test preparation but the know-how to get a successful career regarding young people like me. many thanks to you Mr.Simon !

I will apply your advice. I am also going to worried when i want to write something.On the other hamd when i liked to an eassy then i forget my words and did not get any idea to write anything.But i think it will work me.definitely i will try

Hi Simon, I really appreciate your advice and I feel so much relieved.
I experienced the same thing for a long time. I always had extremely high expectation on my IELTS score, but it turned out that I did much less effort on my study. The time I should spend on working hard on IELTS writing turned out to be struggling with the mental pressure in my head. And now I realize that it's a super bad thing. Aimed too high equals too much failure.
I'll keep in mind your advice, try to be a 'lazy' student. Hopefully my fear will disappear soon and will feel confident of my IELTS writing.
Thank you so much Simon. You are a wonderful teacher.

Thanks so much for your advice. It helps me a lots.

Yes sir, the fact is that most of the students when practising at home don't write essay in proper way according to criteria.They write some ideas what ever comes in mind and finished in very short time.They are not serious about the essay.The result is that they write bad essay everyday and they cannot improve them.

Hi Simon, i think your colleague had me i mind when asking you for advice. This is funny when I haven't even met him in person(just kidding). Thanks for your advice and that's exactly what is happening to me. Afraid to fail with out even trying. Expecting too high when I haven't even proven something. Today is the best day ever for me. A mind opening for me on how should I deal with it. Thank you so much.

glad to know I m not the only person who have that feeling from time to time. Absolutely! keep writing and practicing make me feel secured and better. Thanks for sharing!

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